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Test squad 10/28/2014 "Ghost Squad Dismount"

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  • [AAR] Test squad 10/28/2014 "Ghost Squad Dismount"

    Tested "Ghost squad dismount".

    The idea.
    Have a Sunderer equipped with Smoke Screen and one or two people in a squad equipped with smoke. The Sunderer that is filled with a squad, pulls up and fire off its Smoke Screen. Then the squad jumps out under the cover of smoke from the Sunderer and makes it's way to a preset location. One or two people in the squad would fire off smoke as soon as they hopped out of the Sunderer, making a smoke path that the squad would travel through.

    The Testing.
    There was only 3 people in the test squad. w4rproject, HexYOU, and myself. HexYOU was having comm's problems, but he stuck around and helped out as much as he could. So it came down to me acting as the whole squad and Sunderer driver all at once. And w4 was acting as the enemy and seeing how effective the smoke was. We found out that the Smoke screen does not follow the Sunderer and as such it can be deployed at full speed and still have the same density. But it would take really good timing for the whole squad to jump out at the right time so going slower then max speed is advised. You also will want to get the Sunderer out of the way as a full squad would jump out on different sides of the Sunderer. So slowing down, popping smoke, having the squad dismount, and then driving off as fast as you can is best. But seeing as I was just one guy, I drove the Sunderer at full speed so that it's momentum would clear it from blocking line of sight with w4. I found it impossible to pop smoke and jump out at the same time. So I never jumped out into the smoke but I was able to run into it and see how well it worked. The smoke Screen worked as well as normal smoke, just only for about 8 seconds with it maxed out. But 8 seconds is plenty of time for someone to equip smoke, find the direction of travel, and cover the path with smoke.

    The End result and if/when it would be useful.
    The Smoke Screen worked well and would give a squad the time to smoke its path. But there would have to be good timing and knowledge of what side of the vehicle you jump out on and where to go from there. All of which we be easy to learn/plan with a little practice. You can still be spotted through the smoke but it makes it much harder for the enemy to engage effectively. It would not be as useful at night as the enemy is more likely to have IRNV scope equipped.

    Where I can see this being used, is when you are needing to drop off a squad and they would be under direct fire from the enemy. One example is, when trying to reach a good vantage point or building (that can't be dropped on or that the Sunderer cant pull up to, ether because it would die or to rough terrain) and the path used to get there is under enemy fire. Another more aggressive way is when attacking a point room/building. There the enemy would see a Sunderer pull up and pop smoke and drive on, but not be able to tell that a whole squad just jumped out. (You would want to drop the squad anywhere from 50m to 150m away) Then before he would realized that what happened, smoke would pop outside his building blocking his view. If he was smart he would set up for defense as another smoke starts to fill the building. At this point the TG squad could do several different attacks depending on the situation. If time was of the essence, then they could push in fast and just use the smoke as their advantage to clear the building. Or using the smoke as cover, stack up on the outside of the building and do a proper breach. At this point the enemy would ether, Not notice the danger until it was to late, Or see was is coming a freak out. :D Whatever the case is, the TG squad would have a advantage and should be able to clear the building with minimal loss.

    Okay so maybe the enemy wouldn't freak out, but seeing a moving smoke cloud come and envelop your building is kind of scary/cool. But I digress.

    Thanks to HexYOU and w4rproject for helping out.

    Next test squad I think that I will be testing the changes to the concussion grenade and seeing if smoke helps in the stack up/breach of a building. If you want in, make sure to be on Tuseday the 4th at around 7:30 PM CST.

    Sorry for not making this AAR sooner. I will be trying to put AAR's of each test squad the day after I run them. If you have any comments or thoughts, I would love to hear them.
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    Re: Test squad 10/28/2014 "Ghost Squad Dismount"

    An interesting idea. Thanks for taking the time to think outside the box and test it out! :)
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      Re: Test squad 10/28/2014 "Ghost Squad Dismount"

      That is a neat little trick, might be a nice tactic for a small spec-ops squad (which we seem to commonly run) to insert into a battle under fire and cause a little confusion.


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        Re: Test squad 10/28/2014 "Ghost Squad Dismount"

        Another way to use this maybe is in a base where you can drive the Sunderer right under the point. The bases in this game are not airtight and if you set off smoke under the point or building you want to cover it will go up through the floor.


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          Re: Test squad 10/28/2014 "Ghost Squad Dismount"

          Man, sounds like you could call it the "Cheech and Chong" squad/tactic.

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