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Test Squad 11/4/2014 Grenade Test

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  • [AAR] Test Squad 11/4/2014 Grenade Test

    Tested: Grenades and smoke

    Things that we learned.
    A smoke grenade from a grenade launcher has about 11m radius that if you are in, you cant see out of.
    The Concussion grenade has about a 9m radius that is effective. Anything further than that, and the effect is way less.
    Flash grenades are only effective up to a 6m radius. If the enemy is outside that, you might as well just sneezes on them.

    Grenades will not work if they are not within line of sight. Infantry will not block line of sight, but a Max will. Max's are like vehicles in this case in that, if they are right between you and the grenade, It will not hit you. As long as you are on the other side of a wall or around a corner, you should be fine. This means that if there is a Max, it can "Catch a Grenade for youuuuu". Um... just turned into Bruno Mars for a seconded. Anyway, not sure if it is okay for a Max to valiantly jump onto a grenade and possibly save his team. But I will be fine with what ever the Admins say on the matter.

    Smoke seems to drift to the NW. Tried it on two different contents and got the same result. But both of those contents the our warp gate was on the NW side. :( So More testing is needed. This is a very small thing in the ground scope of the battlefield, so I'm not that worried about it.

    The Nanite Auto Repair on a Max stacks with triage. "Oh Yeah".

    The Combat Medic's Regeneration field thing that you stick into the ground can sometimes stop lightnings. It will only work if the lightning is at a angle to the Regen field.

    The one idea that I really that was good is using smoke on the door way of whatever building you are breaching into. There are the reasons that I think it was good.
    1 It adds a some cover for the squad to stack up on the building. Not useful if the enemy has IRNV.
    2 It allows the demo man to position himself to through the grenade better because the enemy is less likely to be shooting him.
    3 The smoke not only blocks line of sight to the door, but is covers the walls on ether side of the door. This allows the first couple of people who sprint into the room, to push further into the room before being lit up. Which in turn, means more people to in the room and more fire power to put on the enemy.
    4 Unless things like motion sensors are in use, the smoke conceals the true force we have.
    5 In most cases it stops the flow of bad guys that always seem to come out of doors at the wrong time.

    A little more on why point 4 and 5 are important.
    Point 5
    I have seen this a couple of time, where we set up a breach and one bad guy walks out. If he is not paying attention, then he gets gunned down in a split second. But if he is paying attention, he could mess up the whole breach. This is how. When we set up for a breach, we are normally in a line outside the building. When he walks out only the first guy in line can fire on him. And the man in front is normally the demo and his mind is on tossing the grenade in. This leads to people in the line strafing away from the wall in their effort to help kill the guy. But if the man behind you strafed as well, you get a bunch of bullets in the spine. Needless to say it just slows down the breach and makes us more of a threat in the enemy's mind. But if there is a wall of smoke, the enemy is less likely to just run through it.
    Point 4
    As a general rule, you can guess what numbers of enemy's are outside a building by how many grenades are thrown in. When I'm defending a point room I subconsciously am always guessing how many enemy's are near. The way my brain works this out is through many different peaces of info that the game gives me. Is the map full of red dots, is there the sound of many gunfights, are there many of my teammates dying, are there lots of grenades being spammed, how many enemy can I see, and so on the so forth. But back to my point about defending a point room. Normally a full enemy squad would have there presence announced by several things. They start coming in one at a time before the main force which is more like 5 people at once. But if they do stack outside then you can say for sure a bunch of grenades will be sent into the room. So from the enemy point of view, this is what they would see. Smoke would pop on the doorway. Then like 6 or so seconds later one or two grenades would be thrown in. They might spot one or two of the first 6 people to come through, unless they are just spamming q at the door. Before they know what is happening, are whole squad is in and opening fire.

    So that might have just sounded like a normal breach but there is the difference. One the smoke would decrease the chance of us being spotted/shot at while setting up. The presents of smoke hopeful would then also keep random guys from running through the door and blowing are cover. Then one or two grenade/s would be sent through the smoke. The enemy would not be able see in what matter the grenade/s was tossed. If it was just a panic grenade/s like most Or a careful setup for a breach. They also wouldn't see the demo/s meaning that it would decease the chance of him/then being shot and possibly killed. Then even if the grenade didn't effect him at all, he still would have to sit there and spam q to see us. Unlike if there was no smoke. But this is just my thoughts and still has to be tested by more experenced people. Also I didn't go into how hard smoke can make breaching as I don't really know how hard it is.

    The Testing.
    For most of the time there was only 4 of us so are testing was kind of limited. So instead of setting up a full squad and testing tactics, we just messed around with different things. But we where able to test most of the things on my list that needed to be tested.
    Thanks to Z4XM4N, vtslNuk, w4rproject, and Garthra for helping out.
    "When attacking a stronger opponent, Attack swiftly and with full force at their weakest point— take them out before the can react, or Fall back and engage in guerrilla actions,” Spartan 117.



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