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12/7/14 - Sunday Infantry Long Range AT Fun

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  • 12/7/14 - Sunday Infantry Long Range AT Fun

    Thanks TG!

    It had been a while since I had a really fun weekend infantry bonanza!
    Today from about 1pm to about 3pm PST, with a lot of TG players (and some low level new recruits), we conducted operations on Indar. (I forget the base names. Anyone recall?).

    We have a valiant attempt to take an amp station by shield defuser rush. It failed, but the squad stayed together with Vlad and his MAX on point. :)
    We had a nice gal pickup by @selection where a high ground position we were using we becoming too hot and he picked us up right in the middle of the action! Wish I had a video for that.

    While he was ferrying us to safety we were shot down and had to regroup at a nearby base. Did we give up? NO! Did we simply grab a new gal and try again? NO! Turning lemons into lemonade we refitted and moved out on foot to nearby rocks over watching a bend in the road where enemy armor was trying to push up.

    Next we rained down death on enemy armor from that overwatch by the bend in the road to the west of a base (I forget which). We started north of the base and worked our way south as friendly armor pushed south on the road just east of us. We took near constant sniper fire and successfully took out many sunderers. (Including several repair sundys clustered together as if for warmth!) We eventually worked our way to the south west of the base continuing to engage armor beneath us. We took out a lot of air too, as pilots became too daring for their own good. Casualties were heavy, but we almost never had a complete wipe. A combination of beacon and medics kept us going well!

    Next we moved south to the next base and garrisoned a tower, to block enemy reinforcements. Action was light, so we opted for a direct attack from the south and pushed in towards A. The attack failed but after such a long string of victory I felt fine with it.

    Thank you for all your help guys. I hope you had as much fun as I did.

    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: 12/7/14 - Sunday Infantry Long Range AT Fun

    Awesome moments indeed! I enjoyed it very much. Thanks to every leaders relieving eachothers that made it possible!


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      Re: 12/7/14 - Sunday Infantry Long Range AT Fun

      Thanks for the AAR Garthra! It's these few scraps here and there on the forums that keep me going until the new rig is built...
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