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12/23/14 A Bio Lab Fight with TG Infantry

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  • [AAR] 12/23/14 A Bio Lab Fight with TG Infantry

    Today at about 5pm PST, I was leading a Tactical Gamer infantry Squad on Esamir. We had a number of good holds. Just solid teamwork throughout the squad, espeically from some newer TG members.
    The crowning achievement though was at Ymir Biolab. When we first entered the biolab it was seiged in by a larage about of armor and air. We tried to push out on the ground level and hit the southern enemy sunderer on the ground level but it was too heavily defended. We then positioned to help hold the southern entrance to the biolab. I sent one light asssault (Raymonscout maybe?) to check the northern landing pad. Figured we might serve better holding that than being one more force in this gridlock on the south pad. He relayed it was relateively clear and the squad moved out to the northern pad.

    About as we arrived the enemy began to reinforce the northern pad and we fought out of the biolab towards the jump pads. A short while later during a lull we lept down and took out the enemy sunderer. We repreated this procedure (clear the pad, destroy the sunderer,) several times for several sunderers.

    When we had a break with no enemy sunderer on this side I directed the light assaults to go over the top of the bio lab and the rest of the tea m on me to flank around the edge. We would flank the stalemate on the south.

    I advanced either on point or second man, as we rounded the Biolab on the outside. I took out two guys as we reached the southern pad then went down. A while later a medic revived me and I charged forward using my knife. I figured only brutal aggressiveness would break the enemy line. I went down again, but again our medics got me. The second time I was revived I noted blue berries leaving the bio lab and pushing onto the landing pad with us. WE HAD DONE IT! The trench warfare at a biolab door had been broken by a determined flanking maneuver! Our squad made the difference!
    There was still hot combat on the landing pad as enemies flowed up through the gravity lifts in waves, but we were steadily advancing. When I thought we had a lull I called for us to jump down and take out the sunderer on this side. I lept off into the chaos below. I managed to get one rocket into the sunderer. I went down, but someone else in the squad reported the enemy sunderer was down. Not only did TG break the siege and allow friendly infantry out onto the pad, we also took out the primary enemy sunderer.

    There were a number of good fights after that, including one or two room holds that I was surprised we held (against 60%-40% populations!). But to me the Biolab fighting was the most memorable, as it was TG showing what 12 guys working as a team can pull off in the midst of a bigger uncoordinated struggle.

    It was really a team effort, the fights on both landing pads were intense, and required every player to be pulling his/her weight.
    Great job guys, thanks for a fun night.

    Feel free to post your recollections of this session, either about this particular battle or another one today! :)
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: 12/23/14 A Bio Lab Fight with TG Infantry

    -I believe yes it was me for the person that scouted the area
    -(For Future Reference as my name suggests im the person to talk to for scouting missions... because well i like them.)
    - I remember this too I think the smoke nades played a fairly good role in helping us to break the enemies holding of the landing pad, I also remember getting a c-4 brick on the enemy sunderer as well...
    -When I was flanking from the roof as LA I remember providing a somewhat limited suppressive effect on the enemy. Nice work to the new TG members, Its not every day you see a 12 man team, bring down a Bio-Lab assault... *HIGH FIVES FOR EVERYONE!




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