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12/28/14 -- Combined Arms (Armor and Air) on the Plains of Indar

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  • [AAR] 12/28/14 -- Combined Arms (Armor and Air) on the Plains of Indar

    At roughly 5pm PST on 12/28/14, I lead a TG combined arms platoon on Indar.

    I was very pleased to see an air squad, as they are less common in TG than infantry, or armor squads.
    Kardant was Alpha (armor) squad lead.

    Fought at first mainly around Indar Excavation site on the East of Indar. -- Mr.Jengles was Bravo (reaver air to ground) squad lead.
    We engaged enemy sunderers and armor held up at a small outpost just south of Indar Excavation. First from the east and then later from the west we took pot shots. The range was long, and through we took little direct fire from the enemies to our west, we did take fire from the Quartz Ridge spawn room above us to the south. When this became too intense we repositioned and engaged from the West side, firing East at the same group of enemy armor. We took a great deal of fire from nearby enemy armor, and truly were on the front line of a massive armor zerg clash.
    Bravo squad did well engaging specific targets we called out and trying to clear enemy armor from the area around us. There was one moment in particular which I felt was just a joy to watch. Two enemy magriders, maybe more, had flanked our tank force. As we engaged south west, they hit us from the East. Our armor was killed quickly, but as we went down I called out to Bravo for assistance and placed a waypoint on the enemy. Within 20 seconds of my call Bravo was there and hitting them. Bravo soon reported the enemy armor had been wiped out, which made everyone in Alpha feel a bit better about getting flanked.

    I want to commend @kardant for his calm and effective squad leading of Alpha. He had an order of march planned for our vehicles and kept the armor group very well organized. Great work man.

    We moved East, fighting at Dahaka Soughern post against enemy armor and air when friendly forces had advanced into Quartz Ridge too far for armor to be useful there. As we moved East. Bravo warned Alpha of enemy armor grouping which was overlooking our planned route and alpha diverted to avoid being destroyed by overlooking armor. Had bravo not scouted our path and destination we would have been raked by well positioned heavy armor. As it was, we just moved around them. Thanks to Bravo and [MENTION=41373]Mr.[/MENTION]Jengles for saving our bacon there.

    We eventually moved further east and fought at Mao tech plant trying to push armor off the south side of the Mao south east gate. Air and armor both made real contributions to taking out sunderers and vehicles, but it was not enough. I know the armor took a lot of casualties and gave out a fair bit trying to stem the tide of enemy infantry flowing onto Mao Southeast Gate from Abandoned NS Offices. I received requests from bravo to help out with destroying AA, but Alpha was not in a good position to assist at that point.
    A little while later we switched to infantry to help hold Mao Tech Plant. About when alpha switched to infantry to hold tech plant, Bregard031 took Alpha Squad Lead role. Alpha took gun deck based on bravo complaints of AA around the tech plant. Once gun desk was secure we moved out, and Alpha tried to provide AT support against armor at Mao south east gate from the ridge to the south of that point. Were successful in that, but we were wiped when we tried to actually take the A point at Mao South East Gate. Too heavily held by enemy infantry and MAXes. (+96/+96)
    About then is when I had to log off.

    Thank you everyone who took part, especially the squad leads. Feel free to post your recollections or thoughts below.
    Great combined arms tonight guys! :) Always fun to run a TG platoon!
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: 12/28/14 -- Combined Arms (Armor and Air) on the Plains of Indar

    - I figured I'd add My perspective from the skies, at first we were running with roughly four reavers, but I feel we became truly effective once we had at least six.
    -Most of the time when Alpha was going after quartz ridge bravo was attempting to keep the hill to the left when approaching from indar ex clear, we destroyed about 3-4 mini armour columns on the hill I believe whilst alpha was assaulting quartz ridge.
    -Before the enemy had reached the gates of the tech plant I believe alpha's Armour was in the field to the east of abandonded ns offices. During this time Air forces experienced a sudden surge of enemy aircraft... Surprisingly we held them off pretty well, and most of us came out of the engagement Alive. Unfortunatley this was around the time that the enemy had begun to assault us with heavy amounts of AA
    - The battle for the tech plant was a very hard fought battle. From the skies it was particularily tough due to the amount of mossies, G2A lockons, and small arms fire we were receiving from the base, and as a result I felt some squad cohesion was lost The AA base turrets only made things worse... Lets Just say It was a beautiful sight to see that gundeck taken out of enemy hands... Nice work!
    -A bit of an update for what happened aftewards.
    - After we had lost the tech plant Air continued to do their best to support the defense of the bases on the road to the Warpgate. Unfortunatley a massive armour zerg was pushing in and though we could destroy a few assets at a time the number of armour units was overwhelming. Eventually they took the base but not before they lost a few armour assets (Thanks to the air presence)... also it was important to note for future air squads that at this time we were mainly using our guns and not rockets to egage armour due to the extreme heights we were forced to operate in)
    - after the first base on the road to the warpgate was taken We rearmed repaired and got right back to work... We encountered roughly 3-5 galaxies at the next base in high altitude the reavers took them on one at a time. We successfully manged to destroy all of the galaxies (Though I believe they were mostly unmanned... Afterwards we were forced to pull back to the warp gate, But Upon arrival we were greeted by an awesome sight. The warpgate was filled to the brim with liberators reavers and the odd galaxies here and there. We were looking at an extremely large friendly air force. What me and our squad mates had figured was that Pubbies and other squads had seen our success and had decided to take to the skies. It was almost as if TG had convinced an entire faction to try and help gain the air superiority, Something my squad mates had said NC often neglects to do on the emerald server. Afterwards I decided to log after a long night of play. The last I had heard of our friendly birds was when we had returned to indar ex...
    -OVERALL I had a blast fighting in my reaver (Something I hadnt used since I had first unlocked the breaker rocket pods a few months ago)... And I want to do it again... It definatley helped to have ground forces acquiring targets for us. Overall I think or at least from my reavers perspective was a prime example of what TG can do with a little superior organization. At the end of the night we had helped a large chunk of our faction try taking to the skies. TONIGHT I WAS EXTREMELY PROUD TO WEAR THE TG TAG!




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