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Thursday night esamir/indar fights. 1/29/15

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  • [AAR] Thursday night esamir/indar fights. 1/29/15

    -So I decided to squad lead a squad full of tg members for the first time in quite a while tonight, and to be honest I had a blast. The Events I describe here are what I remember and may not necessarily be in order.
    -The night started off relatively small 2-3 members in the squad including myself (During this time I made sure not to advertise it as a tg squad because we were simply doing basic base defense and were somewhat scattered around an objective.) We were on esamir, and had a bit of fun with the valkyrie.
    -Eventually though i figured out what was wrong with recruiting and managed to fix it and that's when the fun truly began. One of our First ops was assaulting the first base on the southern side of the biolab on the (I want to say western side of esamir.) I instructed the squad to pull anti armour load-outs from the base to the direct east of the one we were assaulting. The Vanu had set up a sundy close to the teleporter room that led to the bio. We concentrated fire on it from the rocks above and managed to destroy it but sustained a squad wipe after they sent a few maxes after us. Next I gave the same order, as they had simply pulled a new sundy. This time however I pulled a sundy for spawn logistics. we hopped out and took up our positions on the rocks to destroy the new sunder they had just placed. After doing so and destroying roughly two more sundies I advised the squad to be AS LOUD AND ANNOYING AS POSSIBLE! In an effort to bring as many people away from the bio grind as possible. And Surprisingly it worked better than we could have hoped for. It gave the blueberries an opportunity to rally there forces and attack the base. Of course the fight was almost over but not quite yet. While the bluberries worked to take the base I had our squad take down one of the vehichle sheild gens. After they had went down we took up a position on one of the gate towers to suppress the bridge across that this particular base had. At the end of the day though the fight was one and We were proud to have the TG logo show up on the base cap.
    -Afterwards we went on to assault the next base parking our sunderer very far away. We hoofed it from there finding a anti armour position in some hills. Unfortunatley there was little cover here, So I decided to move our squad across the road to a crystal formation at the rear of the base. I asked for smoke on the road to mask our movements and it worked very well, We sustained minimal losses. After witch we worked on spawn suppression from the crystal formation (Roughly Right about this time is when I made A Bravo squad for Ghost's armour efforts, and gave Platoon Lead to... (Mr. Jengles I believe... dont quote me). I then made the (Admittedly Poor) decision to try and charge the base, After asking for smoke between us and the base we made a charge but it failed (Though the medics were able to keep a few of us up at a time... Nice work btw...) Then we made an awesome hold inside the first building on one of the bases but unfortunately the area surrounding the point was too hot to take. We then went on to defend a nearby sundy that sadly was ultimately defeated. After witch I decided to call for one final gal drop on the base. We loaded up into the gal and headed for that base one final time.
    -What I witnessed right then and there was probably one of the coolest things I've seen in a while We dropped directly onto the point guns blazing clearing out the bridges before taking cover surrounded. Something about it just felt like one of those action movies where the camera circles around and the heroes are surrounded yet the they fire around themselves in a circle clearing wave after wave, for a brief moment it seemed to work, but just as soon as we had the advantage the vanu came back at us like a rushing wave blowing over our minimal defenses.
    -After taking the squad to a different biolab area and fiddleing around there for a Bit we moved in to assault the Tech plant. Roughly right around here was when I started to notice the lack of sleep getting to me. Jengles was attempting to help me out but my brain didnt seem to be working at full capacity, and some of my orders started to conflict with his (As he was PL) so we both decided it would be best to pass off SL to someone else. Nonetheless I would like to thank Jengles for helping me out tonight. Also People seemed to like me SL'ing as a lot of people kept telling me this after I got done so I'll probably start doing it more often. Sunderer7 Picked up SL after that. And due to my wonky computer cutting in and out of gameplay torwards the end I'll let other people help me to finish off this AAR...
    Thanks for an Awsome Night

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    Re: Thursday night esamir/indar fights. 1/29/15

    Nice AAR. Keep in mind formatting your posts, it's always daunting to see "walls of text" and best to add gaps between paragraphs.

    No worries, I know exactly how it is with leading for too long. That's why it's good to see people step up - NCOs are here to help!

    I'll just make a few quick comments from the point where I joined:
    • Crossing the road with smoke was exactly the right use, that was good to see.
    • At the crystals the squad reacted well to a call of "Light Assault behind", people spun, shot, and he got cornered and killed.
    • A Scythe gave us trouble with a PPA and running us over, with short exposure time so lock-ons were hard to use. The Medics did a good job staying out of the way and then making sure we didn't wipe.
    • Moving in to the base was a good call. Sometimes the angles don't work out so well for suppression but you can always try first. Don't forget we also took out at least a Lightning and Sunderer on the move here.
    • Getting a foothold in the base took a few tries as we had to sprint a bit to reach the building. Each time two or three of us would make it but there were enemies inside and our Medics hadn't made it. Finally we cleared the building and that allowed the others to join. Generally, the more danger your guys will be in the more Medics you'll need to keep the push going (I think we had two).
    • The building hold was awesome work by all! I know you wanted the point Raymond but we were holding an advantageous location against significant pressure (50/50 population) so we were doing something right. The main goals are to be effective and doing it in TG style, which we were. Of course, if you get stuck somewhere for an extended time you can always ask whether or not your squad is bored yet.
    • As we saw when we dropped that particular objective is open on three sides with little cover, so we were shooting in circles lol. It was a good try though!

    Also, on the PL <-> SL communication. I'm a hesitant PL and like to ask for SLs' thoughts. It can take some practice to get a smooth back and forth here, as some may have heard between me and Ghost.

    Double checking orders and requesting / suggesting things in platoon is fine. If things move on to a disagreement and conclusion that really needs to go in Teamspeak, in Command Channel, so as not to confuse the squad.

    That being said, I think you were just tired. That's just something to keep in mind for the future.

    |TG-Irr| MrJengles - You know you want to say it out loud.


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      Re: Thursday night esamir/indar fights. 1/29/15

      -(DOH, what was I thinking I forgot the awesome building hold we did! I will say that was one of the best moments of the night, and your right I really wanted that point but it was just two hot. Thats one of the hardest bases to take in the game I'd say, because you can be bombarded from the air and from 3 almost 4 sides.)

      -As usual awesome job to the medics we were able to remain effective in the crystal formation because of them, alongside the hill with little cover that we were at before hand. i swear tg has some of the best medics around.

      -As for What happened with the SL position torwards the end, Im used to taking orders in the form of very simple commands such as "Attack the armour on the road." "Go after C point" "Provide overwatch on the hills." With the variation on how to accomplish said task being up to me. Not to mention through ought the night I was used to telling the squad were to go on the map along with the general fronts we were attacking. The biggest thing I think towards the end was my brain wasn't paying attention to who was saying what and the fact that you may have been giving orders, witch is Why I may have been giving conflicting orders. And I don't want to criticize you too much but I did kind of feel like in certain moments you were almost taking over the SL'ing position a little bit, witch may have been due to my overall brain malfunction. Like I said before I'm very used to the "Heres a task squad do it as you please" sort of thing, witch might not be operated in the same manner as when PL is a part of it as well. Despite that though I think you did an excellent in making sure the Armour column was with us and helping us to be effective.

      -Also Another thought Perhaps I may have been over stepping into Platoon leading territory as well, some of the time. (I say this because I feel its important to recognize your own faults, Something I think society on a whole neglects to do.)




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