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FNF - Friday Night Fight: 07th February 2015GMT (02-06-2015)

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  • [AAR] FNF - Friday Night Fight: 07th February 2015GMT (02-06-2015)

    I would like to thank all the squad members who joined the TG gather (pre FNF) squads today and each LS who helped out.

    I would also like to thank everyone for a prompt redeploy to the Warp gate so we could start the Friday Night Fight.

    From what I noticed of the night, each time the platoon moved, everyone stayed within their squad group, moving together, even when a squad could not make it to a PL way point, that squad manoeuvred together and stayed alive because of it.

    As always, I will let the leads and squad members report on the nights fight.

    Thanks to [MENTION=18817]mrjingles[/MENTION] for taking over the platoon and starting the FnF talk and to [MENTION=50907]Garthra[/MENTION] for any additional information , everyone who joined the Leader comms, [MENTION=18817]mrjingles[/MENTION], [MENTION=50907]Garthra[/MENTION], [MENTION=16189]starstriker1[/MENTION], [MENTION=57077]bregard031[/MENTION], [MENTION=71459]Berto1d[/MENTION] and most importantly EVERYONE who joined the Platoon, YOU are what makes TG and the Friday Night Fight happen.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....

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    Re: FNF - Friday Night Fight: 07th February 2015GMT (02-06-2015)

    Originally posted by vts View Post
    ...and most importantly everyone who joined the platoon, you are what makes tg and the friday night fight happen.
    go team!
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      Re: FNF - Friday Night Fight: 07th February 2015GMT (02-06-2015)

      While i wasn't leading a squad last night. i had a lot of fun and hope everyone enjoyed themselves. Thanks to all that stepped up to kick us off in lead roles.

      My highlight of the night was probably the smartest thing i've seen a player do and also the funniest.

      We were holding a building across from a generator that was being demo'd and i was manning my turret by Zombie's max guarding the door. I look to the right of my screen and there is Alex in the corner by

      the max. He looks right at me and my turret covering the door, crouches down and sneaks slowly left under my cross-hair to safety. LOL *snort*

      Being aware of your surroundings is one of the most important things and really can't be taught. While the action looked silly to me, it is the experienced player who knows how not to be in the way at the wrong time.

      Especially a medic who can and has saved a squad wipe many a time. Great job and thanks for the heals dude!



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        Re: FNF - Friday Night Fight: 07th February 2015GMT (02-06-2015)

        I look forward to every Friday on planetside because the best things happen on FnF and it's always interesting to see what happens.. This week we had a pretty goog sized platoon and we made a difference at multiple locations when attacking or defending. The best thing we did was draw away multiple large TR forces when we attempted to assault both snake ravine and regent rock and this helped for our team to capture various other places. The squad leading was great and you couldn't ask for much better. It was a good night I look forward to next Friday.


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          Re: FNF - Friday Night Fight: 07th February 2015GMT (02-06-2015)

          Wish I could have been there more that night but had work and family obligations. Was able to join for an hour or so and saw a platoon in full swing, and it was fun as always.
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