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Video: Randy_Shughart PL 09/02/2015

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  • [AAR] Video: Randy_Shughart PL 09/02/2015

    Unedited raw footage from last night's Alert action with Randy_Shughart as PL (job well done!).

    You have to move fast to keep up with Randy! As usual, astute strategic moves by Randy and his excellent efforts to keep TG in close operation with other outfits via the COMMAND channel pay off.

    The video itself fails to capture my voice and has crappy resolution. A recent install of a new SSD and reinstall of FRAPs mean I have some tech issues here to work out.

    Note the use of smoke to cover a retreat at the 5 minute mark and at the 15:30 mark I mistakenly attack my own shadow and narrowly survive.


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    Re: Video: Randy_Shughart PL 09/02/2015

    Excellent target calling.

    @7:23 - Ouch! Squad wipe.
    @7:55 - Note the non-verbal, automatic file formation in the open turning into a wedge as we crest the ridge. Nice!
    @14m51s - LOL! I tried to get closer to the Sunderer for my lock-on but can't stop falling down the ridge. Followed by an attack of Emale's shadow.
    @16m52s - PL and SLs plan positioning and an assault on a base.
    @18m05s - Charge! And later the capture is awarded to TG.

    The best thing that night though was when Hippo, our SL, was suddenly bombarded by several requests for kits and just says "okay... everyone is pulling everything."

    |TG-Irr| MrJengles - You know you want to say it out loud.


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      Re: Video: Randy_Shughart PL 09/02/2015

      Dear god E-male, that preview image had me rolling...




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