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FNF Feb 27 new squad lead edition AAR

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  • [AAR] FNF Feb 27 new squad lead edition AAR

    The Feb. 27 FNF was designed to run potential corporals through some fights in which TG officers coud mentor and evaluate. Because infantry leading and air/armor leading are different animals, it was decided to focus on infantry for the night.

    We had three potential corporal candidates and one experienced SL leading the squads, and an inexperienced pl (me) running the show.

    From the PL perspective, I was not at all happy with my performance of PL. I am not very experienced in this role, especially with four full squads, and struggle with the dirction of the whole platoon. I had been planning on more of e SL mentor role for the night, maybe if I was mentally prepped for PL I might have pre planned the evening a bit better, but we were short on officers for the night so I ended up with the PL role for a while.

    The first fight of the night was extremely intense, which was not the intention. I thought it would be a quicker fight that we could have everyone working together on, but it ended up being a slog. The other fights on the map were either just as big, or 1-12 actions where I felt it would be overkill and boring to plonk 48 people onto, so I opted to split the quads up a bit into individual fights that I felt would be interesting but winnable. This ended up witht the platoon feeling fractured, and in many cases these small fights turned directly into big ones that had to be abandoned which never feels good to the squad.

    Neither approach seemed to work very well, so from a pl perspective I will be looking for advice from more experienced people. I did realize that PL comms needed to be less wordy, and ended up putting comms into platoon chat, which I hoped worked okay. Apologies for over explaining strategy in the mids of intense fighting and overloading comms.

    However, looking at how the squads themselves did, especially under new leadership, I think all squads did an outstanding job in very challenging fights. From what I hear the new SL people did the best they could, kept squad morale up, and were effective in keeping the squads together.

    Overall as far as the exercise in training went, the night was a success, if very hard, but the fighting itself could have used better direction. I would like it if the squad leads could comment on their experiences both with their squads, especially those with blueberries in their squads, and with the platoon overall.

    Always good playing with you all, even when it doesn't always go well!
    Communications, Cohesion, Confidence.

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    Re: FNF Feb 27 new squad lead edition AAR

    I left around between 2am and 3am GMT after running squads since 8pm GMT, handed over the PL and SL to become a Squad member for the FnFs.

    I was happy with Charlie's leading and also had Platoon comms open. reminded the SL that some member turn down PL comms to affirm why the SL would translate PL order to the squad, once reminded the Charlie SL took this on.

    For the hour I was in the squad I was happy with with all platoon comms PL to SL : SL to SL and SL to PL

    Each order carried out as requested and on target and together. Even though the platoon got wiped many time, it got wiped together, as a team and each squad lead made its own judgement where and how to reform while letting the PL know its status.

    As with all (FnF - AAR)Friday Night Fights - After Action Reports: Its is always nice to hear from the leaders, how they felt about the night and how squad member liked running in TG Platoon.

    Good work Squad and Platoon leading, Its the first time I have been in a FnF where every leader was new to job while still feeling it was ran the TG way.

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      Re: FNF Feb 27 new squad lead edition AAR

      I received the honor of running our Delta squad for FNF from 7pm-10pm CST with the initial challenge of combat TG infantry squad. I was privileged enough to have two great experienced members Mr Jengles and Sunderer7 who helped with any advise I needed as well as a great core of TG members who made running the squad a wonderful first experience.

      Overall I wasn't unhappy with the event, while it is difficult to setup platoon level operations without a known enemy force we did manage to create several instances of escalating battles. On our first engagement we ran a platoon operation on Moss Ravine which was definitely a jump in with both feet situation. As a small squad a majority of the battle we played a supporting fire squad with Charlie Sqd, my thoughts being to work opposite of Charlie while letting Alpha and Bravo due the main assault. As it was my first attempt I know some improvement on definitions of assault could have been better handled but a learning experience all the same.

      For our second major engagement I had several militia troopers and cat herding comes more to mind we again had setup to block reinforcing armor outside Sungrey Amp Station but the airdrop I had called us up for didn't pan out as well as was hoped, we did score several armor kills and did support the platoon effort but only in what I felt may have been a minor asset and should have redeployed us for a better location. In my learning curve on this I feel my communication skills needed some improvement, while understandable that not all NC are cut out for TG operations my airdrop planning could have been better setup but again the core of my squad helped turn what could be listed as a poor showing into a moderate outcome at worst and I thank my squad for the learning opportunities.

      On my third and final assault we performed a direct airdrop on Auraxicom Network Hub point and again had our fellow Charlie squad assist us in further continued attempts. In this situation the two squads did get some great inter-squad coordination and felt that if our enemy had not performed a massive redeploy we would have had a highly successful take and hold but even with being unable to completely kick the enemy out we did draw a large population allowing others to hopefully capitalize on the opportunity.

      For my personal opinion the only thing I may have desired to see for the New SL Training would be complementing an Veteren SL with squad for each Green SL with his own squad, While I found having the in squad leadership a boon for a first timer it would also be said that having the two green SL's working together may be a harder sync then working a Veteran with a Green, with the two exchanging tasks as needed but this falls more to working at less then Platoon battles. As to working with my squad and interactions with other squads includeing our PL I enjoyed the operations and can see areas where I could use more experience and would be glad to continue with the program.




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