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Disproportionate effect, Ceres Hydroponics

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  • Disproportionate effect, Ceres Hydroponics

    After having joined in the defense of the at the time besieged-on-all-sides and cut off Ceres Hydroponics, I noticed that we were largely being camped in the base by quite sloppily defended Vanu Sunderers. The population in the territory at the time was on the low end of 24-48 on the defenders side, and on the high end of the same numbers for the besieging Vanu. Due to the remarkable tenacity shown by blueberries at the base, we fought off several determined attacks on the single A point cap. After the Vanu attacks failed, they set up positions around their sunderers at medium range from the base, and started to farm us. Their Sunderers were positioned to the south west, west, north west, and north east of the base, with Lightnings and harrasers dominating the open ground to the north of the base and 2 Magriders to the south east. Furthermore, Vanu air presence was very strong in the region due to the territory's proximity to the Vanu controlled Crown, and Vanu Scythes and Liberators were pounding us from the sky.

    It became very obvious that the Vanu forces' intent was to farm us when for a good 15 minutes not a single Vanu player made an advance on the base, regardless of the overwhelming fire that was supressing us from all directions, and the superior numbers which the Vanu held. I grew tired of being farmed, and thought I may as well go for broke and try to break the encirclement, and if that didn't work, I would redeploy somewhere else.

    I went into our spawn room and asked for some volunteers for an impromptu armour squad, to which I got 3 volunteers, and I asked that any MAX's in the base equip bursters if they had them to give us some breathing room from the Vanu air, which a couple did.

    I formed a private squad with the 3 volunteers, which I only intended to run for this single attempt, and had us redeploy to Allatum Bio Lab to pull armour. I pulled a Vanguard, which one of my squadmates gunned, the other two pulled AP Lightnings. I moved us north east from the Bio Lab, and took us down the dried up ravine on the west side of the enemy controlled and currently contested Ti Alloys. We quickly came across 2 Sunderers, one of which was deployed, both of which we swiftly destroyed with no return fire at all from the nearby infantry, as the the guns and turrets of the Vanu infantry defending them were all pointed towards Ceres Hydroponics, and their farming tunnel vision was fully engaged. Ignoring the infantry, as we were all kitted out for AV only, I immediately pushed the squad north west, where we destroyed the westernmost Sunderer, quickly followed by the northwesternmost. The swift destruction of both of these Sunderers, can largely be attributed to the once again, farming-tunnel-visioned Vanu infantry around them, who only began to engage us as the sunderers were destroyed.

    I then pushed the squad east, and we engaged 4 Lightnings and 2 Harrasers that were in the open to the north of Ceres Hydroponics. We destroyed all 4 Lightnings, and the 2 Harrasers beat a retreat north east after being heavily damaged. During this engagement one of our AP Lightnings was destroyed, and the other critically damaged. As we briefly stopped to repair our vehicles, a Scythe which had slippped past the now intense AA fire coming from Ceres Hydroponics made a run on the damaged Lightning and destroyed it. Not disheartened, knowing that only 1 enemy Sunderer remained, I pushed east across the open ground and took my Vanguard clockwise around the hill to the north east of the base. I saw the Sunderer and once again, we destroyed it unopposed, as all of the 30 or so Infantry around it had their guns and turrets trained on Ceres Hydroponics, and didn't return fire until it was too late.

    At this point we were ecstatic, as the 4 of us had just destroyed all of the enemy spawn logistics around the base, but there was more work to be done. 2 Mag Riders still posed a threat from the road to the south east of the base, and by this point another 2 Vanu Sunderers had deployed, one to the far west of the base and another to the south west, effectively re-occupying their previous positions. I had my two squadmates who's Lightnings were destroyed pull Raven MAXs and start engaging the Mag Riders, as I went to re-arm my Vanguard. After re-arming, I pushed south west to the nearest Sunderer, and after an intense engagement with the now much more aware Vanu infantry, we managed to destroy the Sunderer, and quickly pushed west and destroyed the second one, which was being defended by only 5 or so infantry. After being told by my MAX squadmates that for some reason, the 2 Mag Riders from the South East had now pushed extremely close to the base and were at this point on the south east side of it, I rushed back to the base, and joined in the attack on the Mag Riders, as the entire defense force of Ceres Hydroponics swarmed the 2 Mag Riders and quickly destroyed them.

    It was at this point that nearly every blueberry at the base took the opportunity to break out, and push south west up the hill to Ti Alloys, which was already being contested by other friendly forces. The sudden flanking attack on Ti Alloys from the north quickly overwhelmed the defenders, and the base was captured.

    A large force of NC had now formed at Ti Alloys, and together pushed on The Crown, an attack that would unfortunately prove fruitless. For about 10 minutes I had my squad suppress the defenders with their Raven MAXs and with the use of my Vanguard, as friendlies made an attempt to capture the base. A Mag Rider had suddenly appeared to our rear and quickly destroyed my Vanguard.

    I thought this was the appropriate time to call it a day, and finish the squad action, elated with our achievements at Ceres Hydroponics.

    Our small squad of 4, with only 2 Lightnings and a Vanguard, had a disproportionately large effect on the Vanu besieging Ceres Hydroponics. We had destroyed 7 enemy Sunderers and 4 Lightnings, and broke the choke hold that nearly 50 Vanu had on us at Ceres Hydroponics.

    All 3 of my squadmates were very enthusiastic and fun to work with, and were great team players. I tried to interest them in TG, but all of them were already a part of separate outfits. To that end, we said good game, and I disbanded the squad.

    That was a hell of a lot of fun
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