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FNF 4/10/15 The Reign of Cain

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  • [AAR] FNF 4/10/15 The Reign of Cain

    The Friday night fight of 4/10/15

    First I just wanted to offer a thank you for all who helped make my Platoon Leadership for a FNF great, and a especially to my Squad Leaders who helped advise and guide some of my calls throughout the night. Your support really made my night easier.

    As for the actions seen if you watched Ghostshooters video you may recognize several scenes from that night. We fought over Amerish and started with an assault on The Bastion with Alpha and Charlie both running Infantry supported by Delta's Armor. Charlie squad came over the mountains and was able to quickly capture and control their point but Alpha faced some withering fire from the base and wasn't capable of maintaining control of their respective point before the massive redeploy from the TR forced the platoon whole from withdrawing to Auraxicom Network Hub, but the numbers just were not with us for this base hold either a massive air drop with assisting armor eventually pushed us out. it was with that that I took the Platoon elsewhere.

    With a good refit and rearm I decided to push the platoon south and do a quick hold on Mekala Tech Plant. In itself this was a quick clean up that opened up the our push towards Mekala Auxiliary Compound, from my perspective on this I heard both Infantry squads working with precision in taking the point while Delta's Armor stopped all new support and spawn logistics. A quick cap enabled us to push along this lattice line to Auraxicom Substation but at this time reports of increased enemy air I had Charlie setup some AA work while Alpha received the assault orders and Delta was asked to face-off with an armor squad which appeared in the mountains west of the base, Again we kept the initiative against the TR and capped it quickly and opened up a Bravo Air group.

    While our assault south had been going well it was our continued push to Auraxis Firearms Corp. ended our high paced assault. Being a three point base and letting the SL's choose individual methods of attack Charlie moved in with Delta towards the south bridge while Alpha attempted a sneak assault along the mountain path, the TR decided that this was not to be and counter-attacked with a large task force which stopped our platoon cold and forced us back on the defense of Auraxicom Substation. Our defense was noble but the enemy again had great numbers Delta after loosing armor in our assault reformed as a max AT squad and made a ferocious stand on the same western mountains that they had fought over so recently and Charlie continued a fighting withdrawal back towards Splitpeak Pass supported by Bravo's air cover while Alpha attempted to hold the growing insurgency inside the base formal before getting pushed out towards Delta's bulwark, In the end I called for a redeploy to Warpgate once the base fell back to enemy hands.

    Our Spirits far from crushed and with a quick break from the action it was seen that two hours against the TR had only given small gains with this I decided to take the platoon up against the VS with some well provided advise we moved for an airdrop to re secure Ikanam Motor Pool which had only just fallen as we had been regrouping Alpha and Charlie continued our infantry assaults with Bravo's Air covering our approach and Delta going Armor once more to hold the pass against armor coming in from Lithcorp secure mine. Once more our assault was executed with the efficiency that I see time and again with TG, not only pushing the enemy out of the Motor Pool but continuing into a great push against the Lithcorp Secure Mine, but it seemed that this to would fall as with being well in sight of the VS Warpgate we soon gained the attention of the VS hordes a full fledged zerg hit us we held them at the Motor pool but could make not advances. I did attempt to decoy them with a renewed assault sending Alpha to Auraxicom network hub to help break the numbers game there but it seemed that any breaks from the Motorpool seemed only due to our enemy bringing in more support to push us out. The end result before my turning over leadership was a platoon fighting withdrawal all they way back base by base to Sungrey West Gate where we finally stopped the zerg and began pushing back the VS.

    With all this said I was honored to Platoon lead and always look forward to leadership offers when I can. To those of you who followed me I say it was you who made commanding a platoon fun as well as recruiting two new individuals into the outfit. I would love to hear some of the views seen from others and being an AAR ways we can improve things.



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