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Playing it safe. 4/15/15

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  • Playing it safe. 4/15/15

    The Start
    I joined the squad on Esamir with Jan1 as SL. We where running 7 man AV squad at Saerro Listening Post. After taking down 4 Mags and several Lightnings we pushed North. We kept destroying Armor and pushed North West on to the mountain East of Aurora Materials Lab. The VS and TR started fighting to the South and the NC pushed hard which meant the enemy Armor was now getting scarce. Jan1 had to go AFK so he asked who had a Spawn Beacon and I said I did. So I was handed SL And I will apologize and say I didn't check/realize that we had non TG people in the squad. But I rain it as an a Official TG squad, which was my bad.

    As I took over we notice the over lack of enemy armor other than the stray Harasser. We switched to AI and helped take Mani Lake Satellite but sadly didn't get the TG name on the base. As we pushed to the South-West we ran into an enemy Sunderer and Armor push. I deployed and we switched while the enemy Sunderer deployed on the other side of the rock that we where next to. But we had AV Max's and they didn't stand a chance and went down fast. We then pushed up the North side of the mountain and cleared all enemy Armor. We than pushed to the South-East to circle around the mountain and set up forward Zerg spawn and to deny enemy armor from being pulled.

    My Terrible Fail
    As we past Apex Genetics we pulled over to kill a Hacked vehicle terminal. We jumped out and spotted some mines on the road. I asked the squad not to shoot them so that the Engineers could disarm them so that we wouldn't show up on the mini map. We re-hacked the terminal and loaded up. As I started to drive off, we rain over two mines in the road killing all 9 or so people in the squad at the time. Apparently only half of the road was cleared of mines And I take Full responsibility as I didn't specifically ask someone to clear them and didn't check to make sure it was done. But the whole squad got a good laugh at me, which I deserved.

    Up The Hill... To fetch a pail of water
    Even though it only added less than a minute to are time, we where to late and Zerg had started to push up. We pushed past Rime Analytics towards Mattherson's Triumph but ran into a Mag just South-West of Rime. Jumping out we took two mags down but things started getting crazy as VS and TR had Harassers up and all over the place. We killed several peaces of Armor but ended up losing half of our squad when a friendly mine got tripped by on over aggressive pare of enemy Harassers. But we stayed active and kept all armor at bay long enough to cap Rime. Than we pushed up on the hill to North of Eisa Tech Plant. We took out a tun of armor, both TR and VS where too busy fighting to notice us. But after about ten minutes I felt the presser of TR on us and moved the squad to the East side of the hill, which was a mistake. We than got busy killing VS Armor. The TR where still trying to shell us with vipers from the South-West and several Mosquitos started to engaged us. We killed them and where still killing Armor when I called us to fall back. I knew the enemy, be it VS or TR would soon make a counter push on us. But the call was a little to late. And in the rush of trying to lead the squad, I declined a revive when placing a way-point down for the squad. Which was a Right click but still declined it all the same.The squad pulled out in amazing TG style. And We almost got away but a TR Sunderer had been deployed to our North and when we attacked it, the squad died. Not sure what happened as I was not with them but they had just extracted from heavy fire and where low on health.

    We Shine like the Stars
    Than we regrouped from Rime and pushed North-West to see if we could attack the Sunderer that took us out. But it was gone. We than pushed with a Stealth Sunderer up to where the TR had been engaging us. But we found VS Mags and quickly took them down. Than we took out several more lightnings and Harassers. I had us push up to the road. At this point I should say that I had been trying a new way SL-ing but it was really how well the squad was operating that made me more aggressive in my maneuvers. We got eyes on the road and wrecked the VS armor column that we found. We where getting counter attacked within seconds of us firing as there was a TR and VS Zergs less than 100m away. We pulled out in amazing style keeping the whole squad up and killing people on the way out. Than we saw two enemy Rep Sunderers with one being evilbert. We pulled up to cover for our Sunderer and killed both of them. Than we pushed North back to the Mountain east of Aurora Materials Lab as the TR where pushing. Moving up the mountain and firing in synchronized volleys, we killed 5 Sunderers and several lightnings from there first push. Than they just kept coming and we kept killing. An Amazing fight contiued with us killing wave after wave of vehicles set to kill us Winning the Alert in style. I could write those 7 or so minutes down but they are a fog of me giving orders for the squad and enemy contacts being called and killed with us moving back and forth on the mountain like a confused squirrel on a road. But I want to say I was able to move the squad like butter which allowed us to engage the targets I wanted one at a time. Thanks guys for sticking with all the rapid fire orders. After the alert ended we where not finished and ended up killing 9 or so peaces of Armor after continent lock with Smilodon88 chasing a infil for five minutes and killing it. ;)

    Overall I was enjoying trying a new way to SL and would ask all those who where in the squad what you thought. I'm very specific about what I want my squad to do and this time I tried a more active way of leading the squad. But our success had way more to do with how amazing well the squad worked together than my SL-ing. I'm also very sorry for having non TG members in the squad without being the approved rank.

    Thanks to Jan1, MacKahan, Jaeger41, Alex021, Smilodon88, Jestermazimus, whycantwebefriends, and the two non TG, WareWo1f, and Kalreborn. There could have been more but I was too busy SL-ing to remember. Also, I heard something about people having 35 K/D from that, but I'm not sure. I only had 1.6 as medic but than again I didn't get to kill any Armor.
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    Re: Playing it safe. 4/15/15

    First off, let me say that I thought you did an awesome job. I have no issues with your new style of Squad Leadership. As someone who is still new to TG, I appreciate having a constant stream of orders, and I think it helps with squad cohesion and making sure we are all on the same page. I know that super-active leading like that is not easy, so hats off to you for getting it done.

    My only suggestion is to not spend too much time apologizing. I was taught to not dwell on mistakes, because it does not inspire confidence in your leadership. S*** happens, everybody expects it, just keep it short ("Oops...", "Mistakes were made...", or "THAT didn't go according to plan...") and move on. Of course, the person who taught me this was a former USMC NCO, so it is either Gospel, or complete and total BS, depending on your viewpoint.





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