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Fnf 6/12/15

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  • [AAR] Fnf 6/12/15

    For those who made it to participate in the two alerts I worked with I just wanted to say thanks again for the great time! We started about an hour later then normal due to some lower attendance, my guess summer starting may have some effects to that, but with the two infantry squads I would say we did well for ourselves. Wanted to send a big thank you to my squad leaders MisterCris, and xJTHMx777,and Warewo1f you all did great and for the few of you who had to step up if even for just a few moments your work was noticed and appreciated. Also just to include we managed a big recruitment, five new members with a few others who are interested but haven't committed just yet which says to me our members are showing just how well teamwork and maturity with a win or lose makes us powerful.

    We managed to run through two alerts one on Amerish the other Indar. With these I asked our members to focus on cohesion and resource management (not pulling odd armor/air without SL's knowledge) which from what I saw worked out well. While we did lose both alerts on the grand scheme, in the places we fought I saw only victories or rebounded successful defenses with excellent squad to squad support. My personal favorite example was our assault on Ceres Hydroponics which due to TR reinforcement we failed to make a foothold but with our fallback to Galaxy Solar we held off a major assault with three defense awards by alternating squads defending the point and moving out to strike at enemy spawn logistics. Excellent covering of each other as well as squad to squad comms and initiative from our SL's and with members working well and following orders even the coordinated assaults against us only had momentary victory.

    Overall I just want to say thanks TG for another great time and our efforts made to show that teamwork is a multiplier not an addition! For those who had a differing points of view I would love to hear about it SL's feel free to post any thoughts you had on things to improve and maintain.

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    Re: Fnf 6/12/15

    Thanks for heading up the platoon [MENTION=93762]GeneralCain[/MENTION], always welcome and thank you for starting Friday Night Fights.

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