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  • Fun moment from last FNF

    There was one moment early last Friday that really stood out for me, and I wanted to share it!

    We were attacking an enemy base with our two squads, with me leading Alpha, Garthra leading Bravo, and General Cain leading the platoon. The base in question (of which I can't remember the name) was set with the defenders spawn against a sheer cliff, with the rest of the base fanning out from there. The point building was directly across from that, with two open ponds and a narrow bridge along the main approach.

    Cain had us deploy with Bravo on point down in the base and Alpha providing overwatch from above on the cliffs. Bregard flew us in with his Galaxy and stayed on standby for us. From our position, we had a dominating view and clear shots into the backs of the enemy troops (I believe it was the TR) as they moved through the chokepoint to the CP. Our flanks were reasonably secure; the direct approach was a sheer cliff that even light assaults would have trouble scaling, the sides were long and well out of the normal path of approach, and the back was just largely inaccessible to the enemy, and another steep cliff besides. From this position we could safely draw a lot of enemy attention and thin out anyone attempting to approach Bravo's point hold.

    Eventually, as it tends to do, the situation changed on us. Enemy population increased, and we found ourselves under heavy sniper fire as well as sporadic flanking attacks. Bravo squad held up well under the pressure, and we took steps to mitigate the problems (for instance, I assigned Slyfox as dedicated perimeter security). However, between the suppression reducing our ability to put fire down and the increasing enemy presence, the enemy was able to push through the chokepoint in force and overwhelm Alpha's position. As the point hold was broken, more attention started coming our way, and the base was clearly unwinnable.

    Our exit was textbook. Bregard brought his (somewhat battered) Galaxy down behind our position, and everyone loaded up as soon as I ordered the retreat. I had us fly out low and north (into nominally enemy territory, but away from the base) and we managed to escape and get fully Gal mobile in a remarkably short amount of time.

    A big thanks to all my squad members. You were disciplined, communicating well, on task and on the ball, and it let us pull all that off.

    Also, a shoutout to LunaFu, who ran as medic for our squad most of the night and was on the ball the whole time. Luna efficiently kept the squad alive and topped off, and did so without compromising their safety. When we mistakenly only had a single medic at the very end of the Hossin alert you'd never have thought so with how quickly our troops were getting back on their feet! Alex, you might have some competition!



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