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2015/9/11 - Esamir Alert

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  • [AAR] 2015/9/11 - Esamir Alert

    I'm tired and the whole thing is a bit of a blur, but we'll see how much I remember!

    This alert saw absolutely incredible NC coordination; at least VCO and PHX were operating and coordinating in force in addition to our own, despite the late hour.

    The alert started with the NC in a bit of a rough spot; we were stuck in Esamir's NE corner and badly boxed in on both sides. The VS had a commanding lead and the tech plant, and took Saerro Listening Post from us early in the alert. We were pushed back to trying to hold Andvari Barracks from the TR and hold the line against the Vanu held Mani Fortress (where I allocated two TG squads each) while the Vanu held Mattherson's Triumph threatened our center. But Command lit up, and soon enough we were focusing our efforts on taking the difficult Mattherson's Triumph base.

    Our assistance was asked for, so I redirected my squads to help, with Delta (already in Sunderers nearby) tasked on sweeping into the northern side of the base and attacking enemy armour while the other three squads rallied up for a combined drop on the base. I called off the drop when NC command called out for a MAX crash that would start at 1:26:30 on the alert timer, and instead timed our drop to coincide with the crash. We dropped in as a massive NC force swept through the base to the northern tower, and focused our three drop squads on helping hold the tower while Delta skirmished against enemy armour and Sunderers to the north.

    After that point the NC collectively decided to press the assault towards Eisa tech. Rather than join the zerg, I elected to take our platoon north to Mani Fortress and try to distract as many Vanu as we could from the Tech plant push. We got a good foothold a number of times, but could never secure the base proper... but that was never really the point. We managed to tie up at least equal numbers of Vanu for most of our time there, before eventually shifting to the Eisa front as the friendly force broke through the intervening bases and called for support to push through. We rolled up to 3 squads around this time.

    Based on advice from VCO we dropped on the southern shield generators to try and lock that down before attempting to divert to kill a troublesome interior Sunderer. The entire assault on the Tech plant was a grueling back and forth; the Vanu were well entrenched and our assaults never got quite far enough to completely clear out their Sunderers. But in this time the TR made headway, chipping away at the Vanu lead and providing an opportunity for us. A plan started coming together on command chat.

    With every Vanu base on the TR front under heavy, overpopulated assault, the Vanu's point lead was about to disappear and shift to the TR; this would be just fine for us, because the borders we shared with the TR included a bunch of high value, easily assaulted territories like Pale Canyon and Andvari Barracks, and in the meantime we could secure our flanks on the Vanu. We pulled off the tech plant entirely and divided our force to take as much Vanu territory as we could. TG went north to take Mani Fortress; the assault was a little rocky, but the Vanu couldn't spare enough troops to knock us off, so the base flipped to us, and I didn't even need to commit our third squad. We then shifted to Rime Analytics to assist PHX in a hotly contested capture; it was dicey, and behind the timeline command was hoping for (we had timelines!), but we got it locked down.

    Finally, we shifted to the TR front. PHX pushed Andvari Barracks while we dropped ahead of VCO as they assaulted Pale Canyon Chemical. It was a rough base to capture, with the TR viciously defending it, but once VCO arrived we were able to hunker down and take it. I had our three squads immediately scramble to in-transit Galaxies to hit Andvari Frozen Reservoir, and they responded admirably quickly to the base; however, I'd misjudged the timer on the base and hadn't realized it wasn't capturable within the scope of the alert; fortunately, PHX had already taken Andvari Barracks and was pushing into the bio lab proper, so we quickly redeployed to Sunderers they'd positioned and joined the assault.

    It was frantic inside; this base would secure our victory, but we needed to hold all three points for the entire length of the cap, with only maybe 30 seconds grace. The NC piled into that Bio Lab and the TR never even got the opportunity to set a CP neutral. The timer ticked to zero, the NC won the alert. It's all possible because of a level of coordination, cooperation, and respectful conduct that I haven't seen in Command for a long time. Here's hoping that dynamic is here to stay; we'll all be better off for it!

    Everybody did excellent work; squads were quick to respond and cohesive, even under the demanding situation and my increasingly unreasonable expectations of prompt long distance coordination. We ran under my typical airborne infantry approach for most of the night, and we held up well even under the tight timelines and uncompromising demands of an alert. Thanks for the great game, guys.
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    Re: 2015/9/11 - Esamir Alert

    Thanks for taking the time, SS!

    Yeah this was one of those down to the wire alert victories, and also coming from behind. I think those are always the most fun / rewarding. :)

    I was mostly flying transport, and then had to take over as SL of Delta near the end as Garthra had to leave suddenly. So I didn't have much perspective on the larger strategic picture, and therefore don't have much to add. It was fun though! We also garnered quite a lot of new friends and even a few recruits out of this evenings operation.

    I've cross posted this to NCC forums as well.
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