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  • [AAR] Wednesday night alert

    So I actually signed on last night on a night other than Friday, and promptly get reminded why I don't usually do that. I started around 8:30 and ended up finishing up after 12:30... and after an AAR and kibitzing on teamspeak I didn't get to bed until after 1:30, well after my brain had turned to mush and I'd lost the ability to do anything but sputter incoherently.

    It was fun, tho'!

    I logged on at the tail end of an Esamir alert, and was unable to get to the continent to join the existing TG squad. Instead, I started up another squad on Hossin to grab those members who were in a similar boat and we started poking around the eastern side of the map where the NC was scrapping with the TR. Soon after the alert ended and the Esamir squad came to Hossin and we merged into a 2 squad platoon, with me leading Alpha and ThaFatz leading Bravo. After a brief population equalization between the squads, we set to work.

    Most of the pre alert work we did was either attempting to secure Bitol Bio Lab against a Vanu force that we could frustrate and divert (but not unroot) or on the eastern section against an aggressive TR, with the NC badly over extended. The Bitol defense consisted of a bunch of ultimately unsuccessful back caps that ultimately turned frustrating; despite denying the VS the bio lab and forcing them to come back and wipe us time and time again, it eventually just turned into a grind where we were throwing bodies into the meatgrinder before I had us back up and switch to the TR front.

    By the time the Hossin alert started, the NC had an edge in territory percentage but had lost a lot of ground on the TR front, with the less defensible parts of that front lost and the faction hunkered down on more sustainable lines. Nason's Defiance was our but under heavy contest, giving us a threatening position in the center of the map, while the eastern flank rested on Ixtab Amp Station and her satellites, the lynchpin Genesis Terraforming Plant base, and the Mulac->Mulac Foundry->Nettlemire->Ziggurat line. Ixtab and Genesis were strong fortresses that we held the entire alert, while the Nettlemire lane was a big back and forth with a lot of strategic depth to fall back on. On the Vanu side, things were more tenuous; they still had Bitol Stockpile and could (and did) constantly threaten the Bio Lab; meanwhile, almost every base in that area (Hurakan Amp, Takkon Storage, Roothouse Distillery, Fort Drexler) was in flux.

    The lions share of the alert was spent trying to lock down the Vanu front. With the shifting front lines in a lattice-rich area multiple bases were in play at any given time, and any progress coincided with the loss or tenuous defense of another base, and the Vanu just did not give up the Bitol foothold. We operated as two squads of airborne infantry; as the nigh went on and NC coordination started up a bit I handed alpha lead to Garthra. We were constantly on the move, and the chaotic state of the board made for rapidly shifting targets (apologies to my SLs for those instances where I waffled on our deployments and sent you running around needlessly). My ultimate goal here was to lock the front down by controlling Fort Drexler and Roothouse Distillery, both bases that opened up large fronts on our end. With those two bases secure, the front would only have two bases accessible to the Vanu, while we're have three lanes to hit.

    The breakthrough occurred around Takkon Storage. We'd dropped to disrupt a Vanu attack on the base, deploying to the south and southeast to destroy sunderers and tanks deployed there. Fatz took bravo back to warpgate for reorganization while Garthra took Alpha and turned back to Takkon. After an excellent set of breaches and tightly coordinated, quick movement, alpha took control of the base with little time to spare despite the Vanu having a population advantage, and then held onto the point proper despite a determined Vanu counterattack. Shortly thereafter, Bravo arrived on the scene and began sweeping the perimeter, demolishing Vanu sunderers. Once the base was secure, we moved on to Roothouse Distillery and locked that down with a set of drops, finally cutting off the Vanu at Bitol and choking off their Bio Lab assault. After this point the Vanu weren't much of a threat, and seemed to largely give up.

    After this point, we shifted to the TR front and started cutting up through their undefended underbelly in the middle of the map, snatching Woodman ASE and Broken Vale Garrison without incident (around this time alpha lead passed to Randy). The TR, overstretched and losing the alert, couldn't muster a defense and we started taking base after base, cutting through Mossridge Command Center, VEX Biologics, and Construction Site Gamma while resisting the defensive efforts with solid point holds and staggered troop drops. At Construction Site Gamma there was a great moment where alpha was holding the northern interior balcony and Bravo dropped on the roof, only to advance to the southern interior balcony in a quick, cohesive, and orderly fashion, allowing us to set up a wicked crossfire in the hanger interior. CaptainCox of 1TR messaged me afterwards and said that he was very impressed with our cohesion, making us difficult to split apart and keep down, though he also gave us the critique that we stood still too much and made it easy to drop us individually. During this string of captures, both squads were quick and responsive, getting gal mobile ASAP and keeping the pace brisk.

    Finally, we made an attempt at Matsuda Genetics, but with only two squads, a three point base, and little time left in the alert we weren't able to make the capture. It's a shame, because taking that base would have cut off a VAST swath of TR territory, but as it was we ended the alert with 56% territory, so there's hardly reason to complain!

    That was a fun--if long--session of Planetside. A big thanks to ThaFatz, Garthra, and Randy_Shughart for stepping up to squad lead and making my job as Platoon Lead a pleasant one!

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    Re: Wednesday night alert

    Good squads starts with good platoon leadership!


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      Re: Wednesday night alert

      Other way around, as far as I'm concerned! If the SLs don't have it together, the PL has literally nothing to work with.




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