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Hossin late night after FnF 10/16/15

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  • Hossin late night after FnF 10/16/15

    On Hossin After Alert with Leaders Starstriker and Slyfox

    Bitol storage fight on the road. (We held a small hill against about 2 to 1 determined attack by armor and infantry in the mid area between bases).
    We eventually lost but great fight on the way against superior numbers. Good callouts.
    For a lot of this hold we had one friendly vanguard holding with us. Interesting small scale combined arms.
    Having 1 ESF in the squad to make the enemy focus air was interesting.
    We tried bringing up a harasser with Kobalt to help infantry defense, but was too close range. (30 meters or less.) A better asset for longer range.

    Garthra note: We swapped to bombers for one 5 minute period to take out an enemy armor blockade,
    and later swapped to LAs to flank an enemy point hold (in conjuction with blueberry MAX crash)

    Starstriker: I was trying to get more sunderers up and keep our logistics in good order.

    Slyfox: We never hit our head against a wall, we kept fighting with long lives.

    Cairbr: Lots of adaptation to the circumstances. (swapping to LA and bomber)

    We did very fast breaches, not formal stack, but call outs once we breached. Called on prox chat: "Everyone, grenades, grenades... 1 2 3 -- GO GO GO!"
    Alex021: We sometimes breached without everyone ready.
    Starstriker: But sometimes taking the time to get ready can create casualties.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: Hossin late night after FnF 10/16/15

    One thing I'd add about the fast, ad hoc breaches is that in the chaos of that frantic, multi platoon fight it did wonders for throwing the defenders on the point room completely off balance. The hail of grenades (including concussions and EMPs) combined with friendly smoke made the room completely ineffective as a defensive position, and we crushed the defenders both times we breached. While not sparing the time to properly stack up meant we weren't breaching the room with our full force, it also meant that the enemy had no time to gain their footing as our breach seamlessly melded with the larger battle, keeping the enemy under constant pressure.

    That hold on the road north of Bitol Storage was awesome. I never expected that we'd be able to hold there as well as we did. While we had a Sunderer in a well protected position and ample prep time (mines on the road, sunderer deployed, squad in position and cohesive) the position had a lot of potential failure points. The ground below us to our left, while an open field where it was easy for us to wreck armour, provided a relatively easy way around our strong point, and there were roads to our south and east that were easily accessible to flankers. Indeed, we were constantly harassed along those angles.

    However, the callouts were great and the response was always a withering volley of AV fire. The squad used the rise at the top of the road and the tall hill beside it to great effect as firing positions and threatened any enemy advances. The most robust threats to us came from the front; enemy infantry used a ditch along the road to press up against our strong point, and the ledge on the far side of the bend of the road as a firing position to harry our armour and suppress us. Even then, we didn't break until the infantry was pressing us in concert with a big push of armour, after all our mines were detonated, our friendly armour thinned out, and our infantry pressured into hunkering down to hold the line rather than spotting and killing priority targets. That kind of hard fought midfield conflict is what I play PS2 for.

    The light assault drop that came afterwards was interesting. It made for a neat complement to the friendly MAX crash; we came in from the top of the building as they rushed the bottom. It was, by necessity, a bit haphazard as the timer demanded a hasty response and rough terrain made it difficult to maintain cohesion, but it's something I'd put in my playbook again. This particular approach was very much "all or nothing"; the entire squad was LA, and we were very vulnerable to attrition. However, it seems like a useful approach for supplimenting a more traditional attack on the ground, especially if you're able to break through and the friendlies can meet you and res your losses.

    The liberator assault was an attack of opportunity. After pressing the enemy off the point at Bitol Storage, there was a substantial enemy force remaining outside the walls and a determined friendly assault that wanted to push through and start ripping through TR territory for the alert win. However, it wasn't a rout; forces were fairly even, and the enemy had plenty of vehicles and hard positions to hold. I ordered us to warpgate to pull a bunch of Liberators in response; the enemy didn't have AA (they'd pushed through a ground war and then a close quarters infantry slog) and they were under heavy pressure from our allies. With a CAS assault I hoped that they'd fall apart before the friendly army. While they did manage to muster enough AA to eventually drop our Liberators, we took out their spawns and harried them hard enough that their line crumbled, and additional bombing runs along the length of the road made sure they couldn't hold the line further back either. It was also just a nice change up after a night of heavy infantry fighting.

    One thing I was focusing on tonight was getting logistics--in the traditional sense--well ordered. I tried to call for replacement Sunderers before they were needed, arrange for reinforcements before it was down to the wire, and set up positions in advance of enemy action rather than in response to it. I think for the most part it held up, and I was ahead of the action most of the time rather than scrambling in response. I hope to get better at this; being a few steps ahead is hard, but when we manage it it gives us amazing battles.


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      Re: Hossin late night after FnF 10/16/15

      Great AAR, thanks for taking the time guys. Sounds like I logged off just in time to miss all the good stuff. Given who was leading, I'm not surprised at all. But I had been playing already for hours at that point and was pretty tired.

      I like to switch things up, too, in order to take advantage of opportunities. The change of pace keeps things fun and interesting as well. That's why I keep saying we need to be able to switch kits / reconfigure faster, and that the ability to execute quickly is a function of discipline and cohesion, which are fundamental to the success of any squad. Most if not all long term TG guys are very good in this, but there's always 1 or more (or a few, depending on squad comp) people who are slower to respond and make the requested changes. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and sometimes used to get caught up waiting on that last one or two guys, but I don't do that any more. Now, if most everyone is there, I go, especially if time is of the essence as it sounds was the case in these opportunities. Not saying that sounds like it was a problem here, just sharing my experience for the benefit of others so they don't make the same mistake.

      I'm motivated to do some SLing after reading this. :) I am very thankful that we have such good leadership at TG, that keeps raising the bar and pushing/motivating the rest of us to such a high standard. SS has consistently been pushing this theme of logistics and planning ahead on the forums and in game, and in my experience that's what it takes to really make things happen. There are forum warriors who will dissect tactics and strategies to the Nth degree on the forums, and then there are people who never visit the forums (or at least, never contribute) and only try to employ their strategies in game. But it takes doing both, and doing so repeatedly and consistently in order for something to become institutionalized knowledge within TG. And for that, I take my hat off to StarStriker1. Cheers, mate. +Rep
      "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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        Re: Hossin late night after FnF 10/16/15

        Thanks Randy!

        None of that would have been possible without a squad full of people on the ball, though; no amount of clever tactics or correct orders means anything if your squad can't execute, or if you're asking more than they can give. Our squads DID execute, and brilliantly; cohesion was great, turnaround was quick, callouts were solid, and just the right amount of individual initiative was displayed to cover all the details I wasn't aware of, couldn't effectively micromanage, or weren't otherwise possible for me to address. I asked for a lot from my squads yesterday, and they delivered.


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          Re: Hossin late night after FnF 10/16/15

          Today on the emerald subreddit some TR guys were wondering who dumped all those LA's (our switch to pure LA squad). They thought it was GOKU's NC alt outfit but they claimed to be the max crash while we were LAing. So your maneuver was definitely noticed.


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            Re: Hossin late night after FnF 10/16/15

            I think that's a little of column A, a little of column B. I don't think our pull in that particular scenario was all that helpful, mainly because the LWTX max crash was walking on the edge of the hill and assaulting the roof right alongside us! We were the LA part of that assault, but the attack was, I think, misinterpreted to be an LA attack when it was actually a MAX crash, just because the victims didn't realize regular infantry could get up there. I certainly didn't, and I was wondering why there were so many friendlies on the roof with us when we landed!

            I'd love to try it again, though. In concert with a MAX crash that doesn't have a sneaky route to the roof, it'd be a nice way to harry the defenders from both sides and collapse their defensive line.




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