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2015/10/24 - Joint op with The Ascended (TAS)

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  • [AAR] 2015/10/24 - Joint op with The Ascended (TAS)

    We did a joint op tonight with TAS and it was a huge amount of fun.

    The operation started just as an Amerish alert was ending. We decided to assemble on Hossin, with a squad of TG and a squad of TAS, which quickly grew to include another mixed squad of TG and TAS. We kicked off the night securing Hurakan Amp station, whose northern satellite was under TR control and whose southern satellite was under threat from the Vanu.

    For the next little while our three squads bounced around the area, first securing the southern satellite, then pushing out towards the Cairn, being repelled, setting up a strong defense along the road between them and slogging it out with the Vanu while they ineffectively tried to bash their way through our defenses. Once the assault died down, we shifted our focus to the amp station proper, where the TR (with a very small force) were knocking down the shield gens in advance of an attempted cap. I sent one squad to secure that and the other two to backcap the satellite in question, only to have a large TR force materialize to prevent the cap and make a concerted effort on the amp station.

    Around this point the Vanu were hitting Hurakan southern in force (something like 60% population) while the TR were making solid gains on the beleaguered amp station. I briefly entertained the idea of hunkering down and letting the Vanu and TR zergs collide and fight outside for our amusement, but then we won, frustrating my cunning plan for a TR/VS cage match. We successfully tore down the TR logistics and they left the fight, while the Vanu took their sweet time taking over the southern satellite, allowing us to assault and easily capture the northern one before we had to turn around and deal with them. Taking Hurakan southern back was a tough fight, but we eventually broke through, destroyed the Sunderer outside the point building, and then held the point against a determined VS counterattack. TAS's Bravo squad lead by whitewolf and Charlie led by Jaeger held the point proper while alpha, led by Garthra, pushed north aggressively and threatened the primary approaches from the spawn point. Once the base flipped there was a short scuffle over the southern wall that the Vanu were holding onto, but before long we had the base locked down and we moved out to make another effort on Cairne station.

    Somewhere around there the alert started. To be perfectly honest, I wasn't paying attention.

    The alert was wild and frantic, and to be perfectly honest I can't remember enough of it to do a blow by blow. Here are some highlights:
    • After a long slog and a dedicated Vanu resistance, we organized with the rest of the NC to lock down Cairn Station AND Bitol Bio Lab, taking the two hardest chokepoints on that side of the map and essentially locking down the Vanu front for the rest of the alert. At several points in the alert, our platoon acted in defense of these bases, landing on the exterior and pushing in to route the attackers.

    • We saved Broken Vale from an overwhelming TR attack at the very last minute. We started moving too late (I thought) to push the TR off and expected that we'd have to settle for ceding the base and wrecking all of their vehicles, but the TAS squad dropped on the point proper to find it mostly undefended as the TR were camping the spawn room. Charlie moved in to help and alpha started pushing from the outside to

    • Midway through the alert the TR shifted their attention to us and, as they threw large forces at multiple important bases we lost the initiative and began backsliding on our big alert lead as they started rolling up territory we couldn't afford to cover. It was looking grim, but the NC rallied and pushed forward to the end of the alert. Our combined platoon took back Thatcher airstation and spearheaded a further assault to one of the construction sites, and the NC clawed back territory until we were completely even with the TR.

    • The only base in play by the end of the alert was the Offal pit, and both us and the TR knew it. If we took it we'd win the alert, and the timer was getting very close with over a minute to spare. The entire faction threw itself into the base, and the TR responded in kind. There must have been 500 people in the area, and the lag was so enormous that you couldn't see the enemy until they were 5 meters from you. The point was a desperate back and forth, with the TR flipping it back and then the NC surging back in to keep the timer going. Ultimately, the TR stalled just long enough; with the alert timer 30 seconds ahead of the cap timer, the alert ended in a VERY hard fought tie after the NC's last minute comeback.

    The alert was interesting, looking at it as a whole. Good coordination and cooperation across the faction, and early on we made a concerted effort to take valuable defensive bases/chokepoints like Bitol and Cairn Station and we had some similarily good terrain on the TR side. Around the one hour mark, though, when the TR started chewing through the buffer we'd built in the map center and began to assault several bases with large forces at once, we lost hold of the strategic situation and started frantically fighting fires rather than taking the initiative. Having to deal with several badly threatened chokepoint bases at once, we were unable to prevent them from falling and then losing even more territory once the TR got the abundant lattice links they represented. However, the faction rallying at the end was great to see, and pulling a draw out of that alert after the earlier collapse was pretty great.

    As for the joint op, everyone seemed to have a ton of fun with it. TAS was a real pleasure to work with, hopefully we can work with you guys again in the future!

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    Re: 2015/10/24 - Joint op with The Ascended (TAS)

    <This is a duplicate post from the TAS event planning thread, but I thought it was better suited here. I added a 4th memory as well.>

    I was Alpha squad leader for the first hour or two.
    My guys (mostly TG vets) did the solid infantry work one would expect from them. We had engineers staying with maxes, medics performing impossible feats and the like.

    I spoke with Whitewolf from TAS this morning and he said it was good from their perspective, with compliments to alpha for solid play. Excellent work all around guys with major props to [MENTION=16189]starstriker1[/MENTION] for platoon leading.

    Want to bring up four happy memories:

    1.) We were defending an amp station on Hossin. Alpha squad was outside the base, fighting in the midground trying to get to the next base, when we were given orders to fall back to the AMP station and defend more tightly. We fell back as infantry, disengaging from a magrider, and sweeping the high exterior wall of the base for I would say about 50% of the entire circumference, until we located an enemy sundy tucked in a tower. We then fought our way onto it and took it out. Soon after that the attack on the amp station fizzled out, I think we made a strong contribution to holding that base. (However, how efforts would have been too late and for naught if the other squads in the platoon had not held the line elsewhere in the amp station).

    2.) Defending another base - we are tasked with taking out an enemy sunderer, which is currently spawning a large amount of enemy infantry. This was a frontal assault - we were running right into all the infantry that were coming out of that sundy, and there was no good way to flank it. Basicallly fighting upstream to the sundy. I put Vlad on point, and he called when we would rush from the safety of our building into the flow of enemies. He wisely cautioned the rest of us that once he started towards the sunderer he would not stop advancing. Then we charged. Despite very hectic combat for a few seconds, we were able to take out the sunderer, a testament to our engineers and medics. I think I heard through the grape vine that some TAS guys saw this charge and were impressed. They were not alone in feeling that way, the members of Alpha squad sure impressed me with their individual skill on that attack! I wish I had it on video. Kudos to all you Alpha grunts!

    3.) Defending a base on Hossin. Charlie called for backup to hold a tower on the south side of the base. I responded on platoon comms alpha was coming to assist. Bravo TAS also responded they were coming. The three squads did a combined push south and were able to dislodge the nearby enemy sunderer that was effectively besieging Charlie. We all get by with a little help from our friends, no?

    4.) At one point Starstriker ordered us to put down a minefield. As we all dropped and deployed mines, someone commented "now THAT's a mine field!" (You rarely see 15 or 20 mines on a road!) I think that was the first use of a galaxy infantry squad as a mobile mine laying team I have ever seen. Points for a new tactic Starstriker! Anyway, right as we were placing the mines, Randyshughart landed the gal to pick us up. A few seconds later a hostile galaxy landed next to him. The infantry in Alpha squad saw the rarest of sights, two land based galaxies blasting away at close range like old school naval ships with cannons! The two galaxies battled at a range of maybe 20 meters, both sitting stationary on the road. In all my hours of Planetside I have never seen that before. Lucky for Randyshughart he had friends around, and the other galaxy went down in a hail of infantry rockets (and perhaps c4?). It was an innovative mission with a really memorable twist ending!

    Good times all around guys!
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"


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      Re: 2015/10/24 - Joint op with The Ascended (TAS)

      I'd forgotten about the minefield! I've called for minefields delivered by Galaxy at least once before, but it's been a long time. In this case it was more opportunistic than anything; you guys were Gal mobile, I needed a minefield in case the fight was lost, so you'd be able to drop near the place I needed them and then you'd be available to drop somewhere else. Can't recall whether or not the Vanu pushed out and we ended up needing the mines at all...




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