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12/19/2015 Infantry Ops

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  • [AAR] 12/19/2015 Infantry Ops

    Dear TG,

    Had a great infantry combat session with Raymondscout, Cairbr, Berto1d, Spliffsan and another TG guy or two whose name now escapes me, sorry. (About 50% nonTG, some of whom did very well.)

    We were on Esmamir and we did infantry ops a midst a stream of harassers and armor units. Three scenes come to mind. We generally fought on the south east section of Esamir, trying to push north on the eastern most lattice.

    We are on the far eastern edge of Esamir engaging armor at long range using a hilltop position. TR has bases to our West and northwest, we are flanking their base and armor coming from it. NC has the base a lattice or two to our south. Due to a series of unfortunate events we lose both our medics in the midst of a firefight. I order a retreat south towards friendly lines. Our two maxes and a motley crew of infantry do a fighting retreat for several minutes straight, under fire from harassers and infantry almost all the way. GREAT job to the maxes. Engineers were running around like mad keeping the maxes up and other classes kept shooting back too. Sadly the pickup galaxy arrives on scene just a few seconds after the last survivors are gunned down, but it felt epic to me. As the galaxy is pulling out (with the whole squad now inside) the area is so hot and there is so much AA, the galaxy is shot to the red zone, burning up. I call dropdropdrop, and we drop. But the gal is so low it crash "lands" right infront of us. We manage to repair it on the ground and escape.

    Another time we were shooting across a low road on Esamir. (We are on one side, the enemy on the other). I call for a retreat away from the road so we can use a valley to flank around and cross the road without exposing ourselves. We were moving in the valley then. A sniper starts trying to pick at us from our left, we suppress him, and keep moving. A Prowler rolls right down the valley into our face. (it was so narrow it couldn't fit more than one tank abreast) We dispatch it in short order. We smoke the road and cross as a unit. From the opposite side we effectively engage enemy armor. Just another bit of tactics that you don't see in the pub world. :)

    We were again flanking armor along that road, but we lost our gal. I ordered a long march back to friendly territory. A harasser kept living up to its namesake on our rear as we moved but after a few minutes it got cocky and we took it out. We got to a local sundy, re-equiped for close infantry, and shoved on the A point. Blueberries had been trying to get the base without success for a while. It was a about 24 to 24 size fight if I recall. I know it was sizable before we arrived. Our first push was repulsed, but we were not together. We regrouped, and with three maxes flanked around the A point, coming it from an indirect angle. We were able to take A point. The area outside the point building was very hot. Maxes, infantry, AT mines being thrown in the door, you name it. The medics earned their pay! Contact was constant. We held quite well, but with about 1 minute left to capture we were wiped. We respawned as fast as we could, and with blueberry help got back on the point and held to finish it. The base was marked TG, and we surely earned it. Great work to everyone on that cap!

    Those are my memories. Great work all. Pleasure to play with you.

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    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: 12/19/2015 Infantry Ops

    Unfortunately, I had to quickly log off to deal with friends invading my living room. They've been dispatched in short order as well.

    Those harassers were a pain indeed, but the squad composition was good enough to keep our MAX suits up and running.

    What's great with you Garthra, is that you always find a way to get your squad where it's not expected to be, blow stuff, hold a position under heavy fire (= getting farmed, north of Bridge Ward towards Waterson's Redemption), then order a tactical retreat only when the whole hex is pissed and going after us. It's not always quite effective to cap/defend a base, but sure you'll keep twice our numbers focusing on our squad instead of the objective.

    I'd seriously hate to have to play against you (with anything else than a battle gal), but it's a pleasure to fight with you !

    And as always, thanks for watching leading :D

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