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1/6/16 - Infantry Ops

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  • 1/6/16 - Infantry Ops

    Nice work everyone!

    Had a great time working with a mostly (but not all) TG squad tonight on Amerish.
    We started out ghost capping a few quiet bases. Then I asked if we wanted to fight, and by luck we got one. Enemy population at the AMP station we were at started to go up. We tried to fight inside, but it got too hot.
    We pulled back and went around the base to take out enemy sunderers and armor supporting the attack. We were able to hold off a lot of their armor and sunderers on a small ridge between the amp station and the next base. It was a valiant fight, but finally we were overwhelmed. I called for a retreat a bit too late and we wiped. But it was a good run. We had lots of good fighting.

    After that we went air mobile and moved from base to base engaging sunderers from afar. We had a lot of success.
    Then we dropped on a tower to provide overwatch for our NC buddies while they took A point beneath us.
    The whole squad laid down very good fire, and when the base capped, TG had their name on it. Well done! :)

    After that we quickly galaxy taxi-ed to the next base to start the cap for our friends. We got it almost done, but the enemy eventually had lots of enemies coming to fight us on the point and wiped us. But we allowed friendly blueberries to move up.

    A great night guys. Really made my night to play with you all!
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"



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