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1/15/2016 fnf

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  • [AAR] 1/15/2016 fnf

    TG AAR 1/16/2016
    2nd Half of FNF

    TheFatz as Platoon Leader
    Platoon Leader’s Report:

    During this FNF we were focused on the Hvar Tech plant to Allatum Bio Lab lines. We had three squads with mixed capacities with the following as squad leaders of each squad.

    Alpha: Ironman/Emale.
    Bravo: Garthra/Vladimiric as Sub.
    Charlie: Mistercris

    Alpha and Bravo squads were mostly infantry heavy, with occasional armor pulls as the situation dictated. Charlie squad was a mixed armor/air forward recon squad in which proved to be an invaluable asset to the overall function of the platoon. TacticalGamer established a very solid foothold in the area of operation defending against three major assaults from the TR. In two instances we were able to seize on the failed attempts of the TR and wrestle control of surrounding bases from the TR resulting in the TG flag being placed on the bases.

    Several key points from the night were at West Highlands Checkpoint, which is slated from removal of the game. During our attempted assault on WHC, our two infantry squads were able to keep a steady stream of suppressing fire on the base, and against enemy armor from the north. This resulted in the enemy sending an assault force against us twice, both times resulted in the enemy force being expelled.

    Another key point was the counter assault on Allatum Broadcast Hub. During this extended assault, the alpha squad setup a blocking and suppressing force in the south side of the base, while the bravo squad maneuvered on the west side of the base and established the initial breach into the compound. The two covering squads then enabled the PL to use his command chat in coordination with local forces to establish full spawn suppression and capture the base. The maneuvers performed by both squad’s demonstrated excellent squad cohesion and good leadership.

    The following is the post operations AAR notes and comments.

    Alpha Squad Notes: IronMan SL, Emale SL, and Raymondscout representing.

    Per Raymondscount: Squad leadership was superb, and the squad stayed together. Alpha squad galaxy pickups lead by Cairbr were on spot and left very few chances for concern.
    Per IronMan (SL): IronMan critiqued his leadership noting he was a bit rusty (although reports would say otherwise). When Emale lead with armor at the Hvar Northgate Garrison the armor was very effective and focused.

    Bravo Squad Notes: Garthra and Vladimiric as SL.

    Per Garthra (SL):

    Hvar Northgate Garrison assault, flanked east of the building putting effective fire on the A point and spawn room. Bravo used the opening to move into the point and secure the base.

    One point to make adjustment on was Garthra’s calls were sometimes aggressive without regard for the squad, leading to the squads demise. A special mention to Miik for quality callouts at West Highlands during the TR counter assault on our position. The quick and concise callouts allowed us to overcome the assault against both squads.

    Per Vladimiric (TempSL):
    We broke the teams into fireteams, Vladimiric didn’t understand the reasoning of the split. Garthra responded as it allowed the medic/support personal the ability to see each other and allowed the standard squad members to identify on map where the medics were.

    This spurned a longer but curtailed discussion about fireteams.

    Charlie Squad Notes: Mistercris/GeneralCain

    Per Mistercris:

    Flight training school for liberator pilots needs to continue. GeneralCain and Bradismyname provided excellent cover of the platoon with with liberators. Noted were several good opportunities to destroy flanking armor and keeping solid liberator coverage over the platoon at all times. The liberators also tangled with several TR air squads with overall positive success.

    Per GeneralCain:
    Special praise to Mistercris in keeping Charlie squad cohesive and focused the entire night.

    Thank you to everybody participating in tonight's action, it was a very positive night for TG. Special thanks to Daddyofthree and Ironman for setting up our initial squads.


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    Re: 1/15/2016 fnf

    Thanks for the write up [MENTION=122106]thefatz[/MENTION] sound like the night only got even better :)

    It was a night that did not look like it would start at all with multiple server issues. Then, finally, Lionman join Team Speak, and the servers were back on line around 00:00 GMT...


    For the firt few minute we played with the new tech toys:
    Invite OUTFIT : wow one click and every one is......... in the same place as they were, as its not working atm :P

    Squad join for bravo upward had issues so at least for the first 3 hours of play the platoon was invite only.

    After the second crash for me and due to the fact it was nearly 4am, I kicked off my stomping boots and gave up my spot in the squad.

    I must say it was a fun night, and nice to see so many TG members active at the same time.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....


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      Re: 1/15/2016 fnf

      Sounds like a great evening, lots of old and familiar names playing roles and making the magic happen. :)
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