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Armor OPs on Esamir 1/25/16

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  • [AAR] Armor OPs on Esamir 1/25/16

    First of all,nice work everyone.
    So,I was leading an almost full armor squad on Esamir today.We did some runs to Mani Fortress and killed loads of TR.At one point we wiped an entire enemy armor
    column (10+ armor pieces) and the TR went mad.When we were falling back we noticed that the population started to increase,we didnīt knew what was coming.About 1 minute after we had 96+ enemys on us,including more than a dozen air units.We managed to kill at least 10 air units and some ground targets (remember that we didnīt have more than 10 guys over there).It was just awesome,and some of our guys managed to pull out alive.
    Later that night the squad started filling up to the point we have to start a platoon,Myself leading Alfa squad,Slyfox on Bravo and Gral.Cain on PL duty.We went back to Many Fortress and kicked some more TR butt,after that we switched to the VS for a while.I must say that this was the most fun Iīve had in PS2 for a while now,just thanks to TG.

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    Re: Armor OPs on Esamir 1/25/16

    Sounds like it was an awesome fight!
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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