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Esamir OP 2/17/2016

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  • Esamir OP 2/17/2016

    Good evening,

    Just got done running a 3 hour OP on Esamir, here is a break down.

    Firstly spent most of the night fighting the TR in and around Mani Bio Labs and Elsa Tech Plant. Around Elsa Tech Plant we found a heavy battle in and around Aurora Materials Lab while moving up towards the Lab we engaged multiple armor and infantry waves, all while pushing towards the Lab, then preformed two semi successful breaches, I say semi successful because while we did not capture the point itself with the two pushes, we were able to cause serious casualties on the enemy and pushed them back hard, using our new breach training. The fight was then moved from Elsa towards the Bio labs once we resecured our northern flank we made a final push on the Material Labs and captured them. Once done we moved south on to the Vanu front, while there we attacked an outpost, I forgot the name, as a platoon with a full squad and a half support squad element. The main push was blunted by the Vanu and the squad logistics and sunders were destroyed, we then made a structured retreat towards the Elsa Tech plant in attempt to form a defense, once there while we started to defend our positions the continent locked.

    Such is life in Planetside ahahah.

    Hope this was a nice AAR i've never done this before.

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    Re: Esamir OP 2/17/2016

    Thanks for the writeup Spoon!

    Lots of examples here if you want to see how others do it as well.
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