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4th March 2016 FnF

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  • [AAR] 4th March 2016 FnF

    I created some Overlays today while the squad was small, to plan 3 areas of Operations, to jump between each as needed.

    Given the chance I had planned to harass two of the paths and push one to the warp gate.

    These overlays worked well for myself to anchor where the objectives were, but new joiners and current members only could see some of the overlays.

    It looks like you have to over draw the overlay every so often, so the whole squad get the updated version.

    Green cloak = Safe zone / Air resupply
    WG, Amp Station

    White Pathway to Eastern Warp Gate bypassing Biolab.
    White Pathway to Southern Warp Gate

    Yellow Pathway alternate way to Southern Warp Gate.

    Pre FNF:

    Within the four hours of leading we had many fights, we held onto all the land along the yellow pathway up to Waterson's redemption and keeping Matterson's triumph in NC hands.

    The image above was taken after I passed over PL to Friday Nights Fights.
    at which point TR and VS started taking bases around the Yellow path and the biolab

    Thanks to all who helped in the Pre FnF Platoon TG and non TG.

    It was a fun night again.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....

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    Re: 4th March 2016 FnF

    How are you finding the map drawing features are holding up, overall? The lack of persistence for new members sounds like a pain for long term coordination; how does it hold up for more short term stuff?


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      Re: 4th March 2016 FnF

      Short term?

      I ran a small Ops a few days ago and parked 3 sunders(Ammo, repair, cloak) in enemy territory, then I created an hexagon around it. we used this as a safe zone/rally, while gal dropping AA AV behind lines.

      As far as I know everyone could see the fire lines, at least the gal pilot and myself could anyway.

      (6..~)Z Z z z....


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        Re: 4th March 2016 FnF

        One thought I had, as a Gal pilot, was that I wished I could see the marks on the minimap and/or in game. Because as it sits now, you have to open your map to see the marks. So I think it's more useful during the planning phases of an operation, when SLs (maybe everyone in platoon) has the map open and looking at the marks while laying out the plan. After that though, I think the various assorted squad and platoon markers are probably still most useful for minute to minute in game coordination (and directing Gals!).

        It's obviously still pretty new though, so I'm interested to see how this evolves and what uses may come of it.
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