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AAR 3/8/16 Infantry Teamwork

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  • AAR 3/8/16 Infantry Teamwork

    PL/SL Alpha:
    Garthra / Slyfox

    Bravo SL:

    Pilot/Max: TheFatz

    33666 was squad leading, but he had a disconnect soon after I joined and I took SL during the DC.

    My squad did some very solid hit and runs. Wehad some hard fights, but we were able to get out of most of them, most of the time, alive. Excellent work medics! Midway thought 33666 reconnected, but my squad was full, so we started up a bravo lead by Raymondscout. I generally assigned them to do outdoor support by slowing down infantry or taking out vehicles, while alpha was on the point, as the numerically stronger squad. We had some very nice pick ups and pretty solid comms through most of it. My favorite moment was a breach into a hot room where we split along the walls. I called right clear, someone else said there was contact left. Sly and I flanked the enemy on the right, while most of the squad fought on the left side of the room. I went down pretty quick, but sly told me later he took out 7 guys in that one room clear. We took that room, needless to say. Later on, we were hitting a three point base. I told the team we would not hold this base, our goals was to take it for a short while and then fade away as the enemies arrive. Alpha was successful in that, retreating as the enemy population rose. TheFatz did a great pickup on that.

    I had to go take a phone call, so I gave SL/PL position to slyfox.

    When I cam back a while later Slyfox was executing point holds with his usual tactical acumen. It was great fun to be a grunt in his squad. :)

    Thank you for a great night guys!
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: AAR 3/8/16 Infantry Teamwork

    Great night indeed. Felt like we were hitting on all cylinders. Callouts, command chat, good fights, medics and squad cohesion couldn't have been better. Thanks to everyone that was on last night.




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