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2nd of April 2016 Night shift (my daytime) Rolling platoon to Tactical Squad.

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  • [AAR] 2nd of April 2016 Night shift (my daytime) Rolling platoon to Tactical Squad.

    Hi everyone,

    Video and voice were out of sync by around 15+ seconds so parts of the video have been cut and pasted to match. Also note return comms were recorded very low but squad comms ingame were audiable on the ball.

    Just thought I would show a video of a casual rolling platoon I joined in my day time hours.

    When in bravo I requested special tasking to support the main platoon as we were been back capped and loosing bases faster than we could take them. To this I was given Charlie lead with 1 other member.

    Charlies tasking was to react to back capping and open as much land as we could to NC, while the platooned focused on seiging large bases. To achive this goal, charlie would divide and spread the enermy forces over serveral bases while keeping the bulk of NC focused on one objective at a time then moving to the next..

    The reason for this tactic is made clear near the end of the video.

    Charle squad responded to all requests and fed situational information to me all the time.

    PL Lost connection and the platoon fell into dissarray.

    To no avail I repleatedly reqesting new tasking and also offered to take up platoon.

    I requested Charle to redeploy to warp gate and ask if they wanted to continue as a seperate tighter squad. The responce was positive, so I removed us from the platoon.

    I explained my plan (lost in recorded comms), and orders mixed kits (AA AV AI) to start, load outs looked good so did not need to adjusted.

    At around +0850 a squad member ask why we could not attack another easier base. My replay was that we had hit that base 3 times before as a platoon and each time had been wipes and gained no benifit from it.

    Special Mention to:

    Alpha 3 infiltrator pre tasked to hack anything on bases we are at and also called out out areas of opportunity.
    Alpha 6 the reaver also stood his ground, suporting the squad from above aware of squad air callout.
    Alpha 7 the Galixy pilot was new to flying but did an exelent job with transporting the squad.

    ]The whole sqaud function with little maintence, before I could assign jobs, the squad had already adjusted on the go and moved as needed.

    With our 11 man squad (+1 lady), we pulled 24-48 enemy to Quartz Ridge a previously empty base of no value to either side at that time.

    This enabled us to move the squad to our next and final objective.

    Everyone was on form, remember non of theses players were part of TG, most from PHX but evryone worked as a team. even a backup sunderer was ready just as I was about to request it.

    Have a look at the timers at the last base.

    Thanks to everyone who worked together.

    Note - I dont think my leading is upto the standard of many of our others leaders and only continue running a squad if I feel the squad is gelling and enjoying the run.

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