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35ish Mins of TG 20th April 2016

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  • 35ish Mins of TG 20th April 2016

    The night of April 20th topped off a pretty crappy day with a good dose of TG fun.
    Please see image for map of references. cant post image, please copy paste ""

    10h05 START 1
    Join in, go see frontline. Spawn in as medic, Garthra(SL) changes to Heavy assault for the impending assault. 2 Medics is perfect for the small squad.
    Assault to the building. Entering of the building was met with minor resistance at the south east door, good work squad we take the first floor!
    We move to the west doors and get shot at a lot. We move upstairs for better positioning.
    Garthra orders supporting positions on the roof of the building, squad attempted but ultimately fails when enemy numbers start hitting our door defenders too much.
    Stairwell defense underway by this point. Ultimately we get taken down.
    Squad wipes = 1 and I dont remember any re-spawning during the whole thing.

    Start again at 2.
    Respawn, attack incoming? Gartha orders to take the high ground with Anti-Vehicle loadouts, squad goes from 2 medics to single no problem for Long Range attacks.
    Squad composition is Heavy assaults, DoT Max, Engineers and Medic
    Positioned on the hill with newly arrived cloaked sunderer we engage and defeat several light vehicles. The western flank is secured and quiet, we move out to 3 for better positions and leave the sundy behind.

    Moving to position 3, we intend to kill armor targets to the west. Instead armor is spotted east. We move to kill from 4.
    Gartha calls out the Alpha Strike (First volley), the sunderer ends up in flames after the first volley this whole strike from firing to destroy took less then 20 seconds (probably less then 10), good kill!
    Destroyed any other vehicles in the area, including one or two pieces of Heavy armor. Moving out to 5 we kill a few harrassers.

    Arriving at 5, we hunker down into cover, taking a few hits and downs from a sniper. Our Archers fire their arrows and knock out a few infantry and the squad scores a few more vehicle kills.
    Area mostly secured, we take the high ground at 6 looking for more things to explode, a few lightnings and harrassers do just that to the east and we eliminate some infantry to the north.

    After a bit, we move across the road to 7 eliminating a few more infantry members, 2 members disconnect shortly.
    We start a retreat to Allatum Broadcast hub, and there we disband. Thanks for the squad everyone!
    The squad that night filled my 35ish minutes that night with fun,despite being drained.

    Total Squad wipes = 1
    And no beacons were ever needed.
    This really topped my night because no one respawned/died and we dealt a good amount of damage in the process.
    This was due to everyone working well together.

    Thanks for reading the blurb and thanks to everyone there.
    If you feel like this reads off or missing something important just PM or reply.
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    Re: 35ish Mins of TG 20th April 2016

    Glad you liked it! :)
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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