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AAR 06th May 2016

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  • [AAR] AAR 06th May 2016

    23:00 - 04:30

    The night started when I came across an abandoned base far away from our front line.

    So, I dropped a silo and all the turrets came back to life, I added an Anti Air and Anti Infantry Turret and a few extra walls.

    This base was along the return path for the TR attack far east, and it automatically took out any air on its return from the eastern fight

    When BCW took out both eastern cores the front line moved up to this out post, with this, the guns were never silent, as wave after wave of TR were attaching the closest east and west base, we moved up some repair sunder and started filling the silo with ore to feed the repair and AI modules.

    By this time we had a small squad, I instructed new joiners to drop a building then take to the air or run support.

    As I was hoping to run a Friday Night Gather ready for the Friday Night Fight, I led the squad in a 'relaxed' manner with the main focus on Team Work.

    With a few reavers in the air, who lead the enemy to their demise, I instructed them to scout for a another location to build a base.

    I requested an ant to drop a silo on the abandoned base far east, then moved logistics to it, once there a Hive was setup and it became activate.

    This 'new' base was under constant attack by armour and failed air drops, but we held out for a long time.

    Finally the silo was destroyed and this base too became a waste land full of TR. So we honour its down fall with our own armour and wiped them out.

    We moved the armour and air North, fighting all the way until we found an emery base with an active core.

    I requested any one able to, to drop a turret and man it, we stated to take out base assets one by one, then finally put a silo up to aid the repair modules. TR sent a platoon or more to take us out, so I gave the redeploy order to Warp Gate order before everything was destroyed.

    I remember one member of the squad saying we was having so much fun taking on wave after wave, so I changed the deploy order to 'redeploy on death order'.

    At the Warp Gate, I requested two valks and the ants to met in a deployable area, Having the squad buy a turrets each, I had them load into the valks and sent them far behind lines to a barracks near an enemy base we dropped the turrets NEXT to this base and lay siege to it, we also hacked the terminal and pulled spawn logistics.

    we were also supported by another outfit, who were running Sunderers, allowing us to dig in.

    Thanks for every one who attended and especially throws who stuck with it for the whole 6 hours.

    EDIT: To tidy up text.
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