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AAR 13th May 2016

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  • [AAR] AAR 13th May 2016

    Pre FnF - TG Gather squad

    Today I started a TG Gather squad, the plan, again was 'teamwork'.

    I requested an Ant to follow our sunderer around and collect Ore.

    Later I started a small base to draw the enemy off what they were doing to US. The base was open plan with walls facing the enermy location and with the other side open and exposed. It had a few turrets, AI and repair modules.

    The job of the base was not to survive, but to simply give us something to shoot at, as all the fights around where huge 24+ fights too big for our squad.

    as the assets were taken out one by one, I ordered the squad to pull armour from the nearest base and to rally until the ground squad was wiped.

    We then moved in on the armour which was still taking out the shell of our 'RUSE' Base

    Once we were 90% wiped I requested a Gal

    Your cores are MINE:

    With a mixture of tactics and a few misshapes, we decided to go on a Core hunt.
    We dropped behind TR lines to setup spawn options and pull assist to assault the local Hive bases

    Most of the time we had a Vanguard, and a Sunder, with other units palled upon request.

    WE approached the Hive bases cautiously using a scout to identify areas of opportunity and we attacked each base in a different way but the main focus was on having a few squad member hitting the same target while the other members were defending our location.

    The squad balance was fluid changing as needed, with request for assets.

    Once we took all TRs Core we started on VS

    Once we had taken ALL the cores for NS out job was done, we handed the Continent back the NC to do with as they will.

    4 hours in I requested the squad to deploy to warp gate for leader change and to start Friday Night Fights.

    FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS: (02:00 - 04:00 GMT)

    I was absent for most of the FnF observing how the platoon was running and offering support to TG Members as needed, so can not give many details.

    First I assigned bertold to PL and offered Sad Bravo lead with a squad of 4 TG members

    By the time I became active again we had a platoon with 3 larger squads

    Thank you to all who attending the TG Gather and a BIG thanks goes to each of the Leaders holding the platoon together.
    It was nice to see so many TG members active again and working as a team.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....



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