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AAR 21th May 2016 - Saturday GMT

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  • [AAR] AAR 21th May 2016 - Saturday GMT

    The squad started out as a Gather but soon changed to base defence and ended up as a platoon under [MENTION=16189]starstriker1[/MENTION]

    Alpha was primary Tasked with Building and supporting the base maintenance.

    3 members of alpha were dedicated to Base maintenance and silo replenishment, while the rest of the squad were on call.

    Bravo was Set for perimeter Defence and to intercept any local threats before they could get chance to engage the base.

    Charlie Later Tasked scouting out a location for a second base and supporting it.

    The following thread outlines the key areas of our Base.

    Also See video from Alex:

    (6..~)Z Z z z....

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    Re: AAR 21th May 2016 - Saturday GMT

    That was a lot of fun!

    The base layout worked quite well for us. The west was only threatened by occasional shots from Mani Fortress turrets (which we neutralized with spear turret return fire) that plinked away at us on the exposed walls; otherwise, the map boundary on that edge of the river defended us quite effectively. The northern approach was completely secure--our silo was literally only a few steps from the map boundary--and the east was blocked off by the mountains and crystal formations that surround Northpoint Station; we'd only ever have come under threat from that direction if we'd lost the base on the lattice, or if the enemy made a particularly organized attempt to push us out.

    That meant the TR had to approach from the south and southwest, which gave them only a few options for the approach; the small hill to the southwest that they routinely hid their Sunderers behind, the large hill to the south, and the narrow gap in between them. For the majority of our time holding the Northpoint HIVE, it was that gap that the enemy would persist in pressing.

    Wasn't always like that; after the first attack had involved a fair amount of TR using the south hill to fire on us (and the assault subsequently repelled by pushing to that hill with anti vehicle kits) we set up a second silo up there and fortified the hill. This ended up giving us a much needed forward defense point to draw enemy fire as well as providing a commanding position to rain fire down on the bridge and frozen river to the southwest where the TR persistently attacked from. We could safely lose the southern silo (as we nearly did a few times) in the course of repelling a threat, and it would buy us plenty of time to call for reinforcements or repel the invaders ourselves.

    After that point, though, the invaders fairly persistently chose to try and push armour through the gap between the hills, which we'd fortified relatively weakly with only a few walls and bunkers. Entire platoons tried to push through that line, but they never progressed past that foothold, and aggressive pushes to flank and pester their armour prevented them from doing any damage to the primary HIVE cluster.

    In an effort to keep people entertained during the frequent downtimes between attacks in which their was precious little building OR defending to do, I had Alpha split off into two fireteams; a volunteer skeleton crew to man the base and keep ANTs running, and a strike team to head out and attack bases or try to claim enemy HIVEs. We'd often pull armour to try and knock a base down, though in one case we attempted a Reaver assault on a HIVE that didn't yet have effective defenses up. We were a little too slow and a skywall went up before we could hit the base, but we shifted down to the ground as infantry and sustained ourselves from a spawn beacon and medics as we infiltrated the base, destroyed modules, and dodged the Harassers and ANTs bound and determined to run us down. Ultimately, we knocked that HIVE down after destroying local spawn options and claimed a third core for the NC!

    It was a lot of fun, and even with the relatively slow pace of play I think people enjoyed building up a base that could withstand such determined assaults.


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      Re: AAR 21th May 2016 - Saturday GMT

      Sounds great! Sorry I missed it.
      The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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