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AAR 5/30/16 Air Squad

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  • AAR 5/30/16 Air Squad

    Today we did a really fun air squad!

    We started out with one liberator, and one ESF escort, doing low altitude gun runs. As the conflict heated up, we switched to high altitude "sniper" liberator gunning with the dalton. The reaver pilot (or pilots as we grew) did an excellent job playing close defense, and keeping air threats off us.

    Eventually our numbers grew and [MENTION=14750]vts[/MENTION] pulled a second liberator. I instructed Fushi to coordinate our fire on specific targets, he was primary gunner on my liberator. We switched over to shredder and drake combo to help deal with air and maintain long range accuracy.

    The thing that made it work was
    1.) Solid tactical SOP. (High altitute, come just within render range 750, and snipe targets while maintaining stationary position. The stable position enabled gunners to be very accurate, while the long range enabled fairly easy disengage with little risk of ground based flak finishing us.
    2.) Focus fire from the two liberators.
    3.) Solid communication by everyone. (The second Lib pilot coordinated with me on our movements, Fushi coordinated the gunners, and the reaver pilots kept comms on point and useful.) It was a very nice synergy. There were a lot of comms on one channel, but it worked because everyone kept their comms short and effective.
    4.) We moved in and left as a tight unit, so when the enemy saw one liberator, they saw two, and two ESFs. This meant that single enemy ESFs just didn't want to tangle with us. It also meant that enemy AA had less time to react before our entire firepower was raining down on them.

    We were able to take out at least twice what we lost, and often more than that. I think on one run with the dalton alone we got 4 ground targets (2 sundies and some armor I think?). On the runs when air drove us off before we could take out ground targets, we generally took one more than one enemy aircraft for every one we lost.

    I had a great time guys. Thank you to everyone who took part. :)

    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Re: AAR 5/30/16 Air Squad

    That was indeed was a good run, all I did was escort the 1st Lib and try to stay near his Upper Right side.

    The gunners did the bulk of the work as I had no eyes on any targets, I was simply keeping close to [MENTION=50907]Garthra[/MENTION] 's Lib who's gunners were spotting and calling out targets.

    If the lead Lib was damaged, I would call it out and be ready to disengage to cover their retreat as I was setup with shredder and walker.

    Always fun to run air with a good crew.

    Thanks for the team work everyone

    (6..~)Z Z z z....


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      Re: AAR 5/30/16 Air Squad

      Nice AAR and comments, short but sweet, enjoyed reading, thanks for taking the time!

      Takeaway? Key to all air squads since ever: counteract all ESF (and pilots' in general) ADD tendencies to go off alone after the first shiny thing they see. lol Keep everyone together and preserve assets. Live long and prosper.
      "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw




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