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7/16/16 - AMP Station Gate Defuser Rush

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  • 7/16/16 - AMP Station Gate Defuser Rush

    Tonight we took several bases in rapid succession, helping to secure the continent of Indar for the NC. I was PL and Bravo SL, with TheFatz leading a small Alpha squad. Everyone did well, and through our combined efforts, we secured several bases for the NC and TG. I know I had a lot of fun, I hope you guys did too!

    My favorite moment of the night was the AMP station hold on A. We pushed in with two gate shield defuser sunderers. Mines took out the lead sundy (and me) but the second one (Jan's) made it in. We respawned in Jan's and moved to A. The enemy first hit us with a prowler which would peek its nose in one side, fire, and peak out. As time went on, we faced infantry attacks and repeated enemy sunderer assaults. We also replaced our sundy on the inside several times. I think I saw Alpha squad bring a harasser into the ground level at one point?

    The combat was heavy, and revives / respawns in the sunderer were frequent. If it wasn't the common enemy vehicle attacks, it was the infantry dropping in from the elevators on either side of the A point. Jan broke off to the enemy spawn gen, and blew it when able, about a minute before the capture went through. In the last minute the enemy hit us with a squad of infantry with max support, creating a very hectic last few moments on the point. A hail of revive grenades allowed us to hold, but it was very uncertain. I recall dying, respawning by res grenade, taking out one enemy, dying again a second later, another revive grenade, shooting another enemy, dying in the blink of an eye, getting an assist on that enemy, another revive grenade..... you get the idea. Absent the revive grenade rain, I think we would have wiped with seconds to go. Nice job medics!

    After we took the base, the fight was not over. We struggled to repair the spawn generator as several enemies held the spawn generator room. After getting it repaired I told the engineers to spread out and repair everything. SOmeone called out an enemy sunderer on the west side of the base I believe. We then engaged that sunderer, and a second one further south. Finally, the generators, and shields were back, the enemy spawn logistics were destroyed, and we could officially claim victory. 15 people took an amp station in the face of serious resistance.

    Well done team.
    It took everybody doing their best to make that amp station and the other point captures we achieved tonight work.
    Thanks for a very fun night everyone.

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    Re: 7/16/16 - AMP Station Gate Defuser Rush

    I was lucky enough to be around for TG's push into Terran Republic territory, and might add that the battle over the Amp Station was one of the most memorable fights had with the outfit so far! The waves of infantry storming the station and attempting to dislodge us from the capture point made for incredibly intense and fun gameplay. (On a side note, it was a great day for my cert wallet to be a medic ;) )

    I hope to partake in similar fights in the future!




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