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FNF August 19th, 2016

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  • [AAR] FNF August 19th, 2016

    Not going to do a full AAR, just going to touch on some highlights:

    MisterCris ran the FNF platoon for a whopping 7 hours. In that time he was coordinating with multiple outfits and tasking our three full squads as we romped around Esamir and Amerish. Great job, and a huge thanks for taking PL for such a big session!

    GeneralCain ran Charlie as an air squad all night. Once we got rolling, we started to do some real damage, with our three liberators split into fireteams and our four Reaver escort team that Cain delegated to me. Comms and callouts steadily improved throughout the night, people were responsive, and we shredded foes on the air or ground consistently throughout the night, despite the efforts of some talented and persistent enemy air groups. Good fun, and when I later took alpha lead and went ground pounding again Charlie squad swooping in low overhead for a CAS run was always a welcome sight.

    After a couple hours flying around and dusting off my long neglected Reaver, I took over Alpha from Garthra and we had a ton of fun rolling from fight to fight on Esamir. Despite being a mixed squad of blues and TG members we had great cohesion, responsiveness and teamwork all night, even when things got hectic and grueling at fights like Subterranean Nanite Analysis.

    Much fun was had.

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    Re: FNF August 19th, 2016

    That was indeed a fun fight/flight, glad to have been part of it.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....


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      Re: FNF August 19th, 2016

      I enjoyed the tactic of employing the Reavers out ahead of the Lib run to find targets either by sight/radar or as enemy start putting up flak, which is then terminated by the Libs following through telling the Reavers to "Hit the ceiling" where they would break contact and divert over to Air Patrol. This would then be increased as the enemy Hvy Air could be harassed by our Reavers and the ESF's who would close to engage our reavers would get to close and allow the Lib rear guns to knock them out. Essentially we could scratch the others back based on each encounter. Doing this did allow our air assets to provide a longer gun time for the local infantry groups as well as increased survivability for the Squad in full. A definite perk to have Fireteam Leads established.

      As a squad MrCris was happy to employ our squad as both platoon and NC tasking as the situation would dictate, enabling the air to keep in steady use with little downtime as I would keep the air our of local hex for pop count when not tasked. I applaud PL in keeping the platoon as a whole on constant tasking with map overlays for his areas of interest. I can also thank all of our Leadership in finding situations where an airstrike could be both beneficial and available on short notice with called placements of attack markers for SL's which PL or myself would place waypoints for squad targeting.

      I did limit my squad to a majority TG recruitment with limited out of outfit members due to the need of refining some comms/protocols on maintaining a larger air squad. For those who have seen there is limited time to maintain the discipline of focused airstrike with solo flyers doing their own thing. A suggestion when working Galaxy transports for longer durations may be to coordinate at Plt level for when the squad Gal stays active setup as one each Rep/Ammo to maintain a somewhat nearby air station for rapid regroups from unexpected angles.


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        Re: FNF August 19th, 2016

        I had a great time on Friday, we came close to having a full platoon. Thank you all who joined our platoon.
        I want to also thank NC command who was co-operative most of the time.

        I was focusing a lot of my attention to watching and commanding from the map; with doodles, orders and waypoints for some long overdue platoon-leading.
        We went from 1x Armor, 1x Infantry, 1x Air and later had 2x Infantry and 1x Air. Most of the night was spent on Esamir; bouncing between open flanks and bases of need defending. Later we hit Nanite Analysis on Amerish and then called it a night.
        Having on-demand airstrikes for our squads or on command was a big help for those who couldn't afford the manpower to flank and take out a target. Thanks for leading the Air GeneralCain.

        At some points it was very difficult (Subterranean Nanite Analysis for example) and I hope I did not discourage anyone with my Platoon-Leading (Squad Leaders or members).
        I also want to apologies for my bad comm-discipline, I know at many times I would just start barking without warning.

        Amazing work guys, lets do it again!

        Shoutouts to my SL's: Helena, DaddyofThree, StarStriker, Garthra (please tell me I did not miss anyone) and our Luftwaffe commander: GeneralCain.




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