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2016-09-14 - INDAR - Armour Column; "Both Precious and Fragile"

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  • [AAR] 2016-09-14 - INDAR - Armour Column; "Both Precious and Fragile"

    While having great success at defending Crossroads Watchtower for an hour or so, our position got overrun by the Terran Republic. Relocating my Vanguard, I joined theFatz's armoured group operating against Vanu Sovereignty around Saurva Bio Lab.

    The whole operation was quite fluid. Our leader did not hesitate to pull us off from fights that were about to get hairy.

    Around Indar-C3 Crater: Vanu Sovereignty HIVE
    Moving West from Benson Construction under mild fire, Bravo-1 Vanguard was involved in close combat with two Magriders from [ZAPS] Outfit. No losses were suffered, but the enemy knew we were there. Maneuvering to Saurva Data Storage, we have undertaken the destruction of a hostile HIVE. Sent East on guard duty, Bravo-1 Vanguard had another successful close encounter with an enemy Main Battle Tank as it was North bound, lurking upon our group around D2#3. Shifting treads South, we sought to regroup with the New Conglomerate main group on the Northern Front.

    The Concave
    As we were pushed from the East, the thick of our faction's armoured group was melting, leaving our flank jeopardised. Alpha focused its guns in CoraMed Labs' direction. Meanwhile Bravo, newly reinforced by a fresh Vanguard crew, was to cover Helios Solar, Inc. sector. Things began to get blurred around that moment. Impromptu Harassers jumped within while a constant flow of Lighting was being pulled from Saurva area. Sudden maneuvers and precise on-the-move shots brought us further North, taking the concave from the enemy and turning it in our favor. None was spared and our victory was total, even though we lost a couple assets.

    A Journey South
    The steam of combat eventually vented. Back to HIVE destruction duty, our leader took us East to Galaxy Solar Plant. Bandits were nettling our vehicules, hindering the flow, so such and so much that the HIVE was destroyed by the time the column arrived in range. Our operation tailed off, New Conglomerate thus had the high hand on Indar and Suits sent us away, to Amerish, leaving our assets behind.



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