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9/13/2016 Armour on Esamir, Tactics Talk, and that Bregard TK

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  • 9/13/2016 Armour on Esamir, Tactics Talk, and that Bregard TK

    Just gonna drop this off here, thought I'd take a moment to record our efforts and throw it into one enormous video. Watch it all if you dare!

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    Thank you Fishmob. Reviewing this makes me think of ways to improve!

    Armoured task force mastery is very subtle in Planetside. There are several ways to do it wrong. I felt improvement since I split attack and defense as pattern/mindset. Formerly, I felt improvement when I adopted different ways to engage respectively VS and TR MBTs. Even before that, I felt improvement by: staying on the move, facing the enemy, going from cover to cover and other trivial stuff like that.

    As a group, TG armor column had great basis with target focus, and improvement when the classic-to-become MBT+Skyguard+Rep&Ammo Sunderers happened. Then what? It did not feel like we improved as a group since then.

    In my sole Vanguard, without a gunner, but a proper placement and the good window of opportunity (no hostile air asset), I have been able to negate a platoon-strong armor push on NS Material Storage coming from Rashnu Watchtower. It is easily explained: TR were not paying attention to me and had poor communications (Zerg-like behaviour) and I was engaging the column from the tail to the head (succesfully denying sunderers deployment.)

    (long intro)

    The point is that, as shown in the video, at several moments (one being around 12:00) I felt like we had too much firepower on the same task. It's just like in Starcraft, when you target a single unit with 4 Siege Tank: overkill. As a corollary, I would split the task force in enough separate units to reach a reasonable level of firepower focused on the same target.

    As target callouts use a lot of communication, I would split units into separate squads instead of fireteams, as fireteams share the same channel.

    Fireteams can be used to keep precise tracking of your losses. Place drivers and gunners in the same fireteam and suddenly it is clear.

    As firepower is a function of number, skill and assets at hand, I would leave to the leader's arbitrary (instead of crunching numbers and going throught optimisation) to find the proper separation.

    A very aggressive one would rather place enough firepower to ensure the kill while a more conservative one would split in enough groups to have full situational awareness. To me, each is valid.

    I find it is a nice touch, because sometimes, the task at hand is to pick a hostile deployed sunderer covered by several hostiles assets. Having proper numbers on every task optimises our own assets exposure.




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