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29th September 2016 - My Rock, my air space

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  • [AAR] 29th September 2016 - My Rock, my air space

    I tried to run support Gal on ESAMIR on my own today and got owned each time by Air, not just 1, but hordes, not over a fight but everywhere, in groups of five plus.

    So, I pulled my ANT with walker and went for a drive and died again.

    I looked at the map for an area with no population and some hills, and found H7.

    Pulled an new AA ANT from Warp Gate and drive to this location.

    Moments later I was buzzed by a mossy, then a scythe, then four mossy as the scythes burning remains landed beside my ANT. I held the urge to open fire, and sat their for around 10 minutes as this pattern in the skies above started to build.

    With in this time Cortium started to spawn near, so I harvested it all, and dropped a silo, an AA turret, AI and Repair module

    WUSH a Reaver shot by, a few seconds later two mossy's gave chase, the reaver turns about and headed for my ANT. I readied the Walker, lined up, then....

    Thud Thud Bam Bam BAM BAM BANG, WUSH as the reaver flew past and the wreckage of two mosses landed next to the silo.

    The reaver piolet invited me to make a squad, I let him know my only goal to day was to defend this rock in the middle of nowhere, which was fine with him as all he wanted to do was to lure any craft to this location and finish them off.

    I built the AI AV Turrets and started to advertise my location by dropping a sky shield, filled the silo again as the ore had respawned, then palled an ammo sunderer.

    With in a few minutes we had around 5 reavers in the sky, in the middle of nowhere, topping up and repairing at this base, in the middle of nowhere.

    Before long, I did not get chance to man my walker as this base turned into a 24hour pit stop with every craft in the HEX landing to repair and reload, the jam started to mount in the skies as the next craft would flyby waiting for his slot.

    Another AA turret was dropped and the base was able to hold its own against Air.

    DaddyOfThree was running an armour squad whom pulled up near Rine analytics, the base gun sounded a mossy flew past taking heavy damage and Dot took it out with his Vanguard turret.
    Each time a craft lined on one of the armour pieced, they were hailed with flack from my base turrets and Sunderer walkers

    GeneralCain and I were invited to a squad Cain was in a reaver and I was at the AA base, the SL did not say much or request anything and soon he left, leaving the squad to us.

    RITE dropped by and filled the Silo then proceeded to add extra AA and other base structures, soon the base had around 4 sky shields, countless AA turrets and a few other turrets, this empty Rock, in the middle of nowhere, was suddenly the busies Hex in the land with the AA turrets never silenced.

    I heard an AI turret sound off, and looked around.. then is stopped... then again about a minute later the same.... Finally I noticed a light assault floating up the mountain, the AI turret shooting the air, and the TRs Name pop up on the kill list.

    He kept on at this for ages, so Cain scouted the area for a sunder, he found it in the parked crystals, so I drive my Ammo sunders to it and waited, he started shooting my sunder, so I deployed, jumped out on his blind side, equipped my mines and ran around to the front of his sunderer, he was still pounding the ammo sunderer, dropped 3 mines and lobbed a stick nade, and jumped back into ammo sunderer. BOOOOM his sunderer was gone.

    It was not fare for him to keep farming him self on our AI turret so we ended his own plight.

    Soon after I decided to head over to Rine analytics and park the ammo sunder as this base had been TR's for the last few hours. As soon as I deployed the spawn counter started pinging, 4 minutes later the base was NC's

    This seemed to cause the tides to shift as TR air started to reduce but was replaced with VS over 20 units high in the sky started to drop down to turret range, by the time I knew it, the silo was almost empty and was soon full again as ant after ant rolled in to top it up.

    We might have lost ESIMAR but we or at least 'I' had a blast tonight, defending our rights to our Rock, in the middle of nowhere. Thank you EVERYONE how was involved at every stage of the event

    Working together, with only a simple plan.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....

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    And thus did one player change history, defending his rock against all comers, and welcoming his friends. :)
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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