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10/5/16 Defense of the Palisade

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  • 10/5/16 Defense of the Palisade

    Tonight I took lead from Mistercris, who had been leading quite a while. We were part of a large friendly force at Briggs Laboratory on Indar (K6-J6) fighting the TR. When we took that base through a sheer numbers I think.

    Then TG separated from the main NC force and galaxy moved to the palisade to our south to face the TR in a "smaller" fight. We first we were in the L building but as the enemy force grew, and our force as well, it became a massive fight. 48-48 or 96-96 I forget which. The courtyard became chaotic. At one point we shifted to the east to block the building connected to the bridge and held there. I called in several airstrikes from GeneralCain and Co on concentrations. Eventually we took the base with TG leading the NC scoreboard. Great job to everyone! Especially the medics who picked me up countless times. (And, credit to the rest of the NC for the massive help in that massive fight.)

    Problem was a massive enemy armor force remained to our west had us bottled in. The base could fall any minute if that armor force remained in place. Intel from GeneralCain was that enemy sunderers were to the west, just by the norther (closer) end of the bridge to our west. I had the squad rekit for AT. We left from the spawn room, pushed north, weapons yellow, heading down into the valleys which lead north west, into some very low ground. Plan was to stealth it and surprise the enemy sundies near the bridge on the opposite side of the ridge. That didnít quite work. As we descended we hit a prowler directly in our path. On our final approach, making our way up the hillside on the far side, a harasser ran into our midst. I heard later from GeneralCain there was lots of air over us, but his crew kept our top side covered. We went weapons green and I told the guys to hurry and get up the hill to engage the main target (the enemy armor and sundies stacked up to fight our own armor massed to the east). This was a closer fight. We were engaging armor at a range of perhaps 50 meters with only modest cover. We took out at least three vehicles, a mix of sundies and tanks, and there was a gap. There was a moment there where we had a lot of fire on us and it could have ended badly. But it didnít. We seized the opportunity and advanced onto the bridge.
    The enemy armor was surprised to be flanked by an AT squad. They backed up onto the bridge. I ordered the squad to split to both the left and right edges of the bridge, and we advanced with smoke concealment. Contact was constant from armor and infantry on the bridge. About 1/3 of the way across the bridge the enemy reformed and began to hold ground and advance against us. I halted our advance. This was the point where I hoped friendly tanks would arrive to assist us. (After all, our flank had freed up a lot of friendly armor which had been fighting the armor we flanked!) But as I looked at the map I realized the NC force had advanced in another direction and TG was holding the line against a superior force. We held for a moment o r two, but about when I respawned at warp gate to pull a gal for extract the squad wiped.

    Well done guys. We were instrumental in taking the base, and pushing the enemy armor zerg back, thereby ensuring its long term security. That flank was well done by everyone. It was a fine TG operation. Good game.
    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Fine maneuver, proper synchronism, great timing and a bit of luck make a fine recipe for victory and interesting After Action Reports!





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