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Dragoons over Indar

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  • [AAR] Dragoons over Indar

    Over the past month many have heard some of my mentions of Air Cavalry or Dragoon operations and tonight I decided to give it another shot. When it comes down to the overall creation and game play style this project took a direction that involved a good deal of personal initiative on each squad member and definitely has a great need for solid team-leaders. For this squad we took the role of two teams each with a separate Valkyrie, I took the assault team which is closer to our standard utility group making sure to have a good spread for close point hold operations our gunner would typically drop with us while my Spades team took a strong base-of-fire selection heavy on dual purpose lock-on's and a medic but would leave it's two engineers inside their aircraft for direct fire-support roles. In concept the assault team would lock down the point while the fire team would take a dominating position over the base and attack armor and air that would be called in as the Valk's would rain death upon the infantry going for the point as well as provide immediate spawn logistics if any team got overwhelmed, it was something that turned into a wonderful crossfire pattern once we got into the motions of things.

    Over the night we managed at least three good base caps with populations of equal to superior in any site. First our trial by fire we made a quick insertion on Xenotech Labs, this made for a good landing but we where unable to keep a good foothold as the major VS push didn't treat us kindly. From here we learned some timing and coordination on both teams as well as fully finding Spades place as the Base of Fire. In a later push we had managed a proper setup and bravo took over point allowing for us to use both teams as counter vehicle teams.

    With our Platoon doing a bit of reorganizing I took the opportunity to make a second push this time Tawrich Depot. The addition of both shields and towers with AA guns made this a bit of a tougher situation, that and the fact of doing this assault alone made for a great learning experience for the team as a whole, the point drop was done in classic style a one, two drop on point with a quick conversion, our kicker here was the enemy had two Magriders sitting around the base and one of the AA towers had gone active seeing our two aircraft. The determination that the AA turret needed to go down was quick and the firepower was not lacking the gun ended up getting hacked and then destroyed by the enemy armor, our call from here became the team split of one hunting tanks while the other kept the point in our control. With the end in site and the base finally in our hands our only upset was that we could not get a good position to destroy the tanks they ended up taking down one aircraft with a parting shot but with the base firmly in our hands we accepted our farewell and regrouped with what was not a squad who knew how we would do our next assault.

    Our Final and most exciting base capture fell to the honors of Hvar Databank. With our teams drilled in how we would work this we faced a similar situation as the Depot, with a pair or towers overlooking the point, this was actually a reroute from Allatum Research which we had planned on but had been cut off so we moved back. The Assault team did the point drop as normal but our Base team setup directly upon an overlooking tower, denying the enemy immediately as well as drawing alot of attention with our aircraft laying down devastating fire upon any who wanted to ignore and push for the point directly. Inside our guys kept a tight lock on the point room keeping call-outs and medics busy with any would be party crashers. I could wish to have seen the situation from several angles but locked inside the point room all it was up to the individual teams to handle themselves while keeping the others informed of any pushes or kills. After all was said and done our guys stood victorious another TG tagged base in our hands.

    I enjoyed the night overall though I know my comms where less then ideal and the learning curve painful for many, it is in my hopes to increase operation usage of these style squads but that's something that will only be known with time. As to my fellow squad members I thank you all for your part that you played and VLAD your help as my other team leader and Sargeant for our concerns it's always appreciated. I'd love to hear any of your takes or personal victories during these battles or other times in the squad feel free to add to this!

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    I quite enjoyed gunning for Vlad's valkyrie, although I still need practice shooting in one. We came across a lot of air and anti air whilst supporting our small teams and it did take a toll on us morally whenever we were shot down. However, I hope we are able to do similar squads in the future.




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