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  • [AAR] High Paced Squad Monthly Report

    Hey guys the High Paced squad has been running for a full month now and I thought it would be nice to write up an AAR of what we have been up to, positives, negatives and future goals. First I would like to thank everyone that has come out so far and helped the squad grow. Also big props to all the fellow TG members that platooned up with us and helped us on the battlefield.

    The way we have been running the squad is basically separated in to two fire teams. I have been running Spades and Heleana has been running Diamonds. The fire team comp is usually balanced with 2 heavies, 2 medics, 1 engy, and 1 spot open for LAs, infils, max or extra heavies, medics, or engies. Both fire teams have been using TS channels to have internal comms while utilizing in-game squad comms for everyone. Heleana and I felt we were talking over each other when giving our fireteams specific orders. Another thing that has been a big help is having people be dedicated asset/class pullers. For example, before we roll out of warpgate a squad member(SM) will call that they have gal duty or Jester or Vlad will designate who will be the squad infil tonight. We've also been more rigid on class swapping without at least calling out for permission.

    Tactically our objective is to take or defend a capture point or other critical interest purely as an infantry squad. While doing this I have been trying to take the squads into hexs where the pop will be even or a hex I think we can start a fight. Basically the balance of not ghost capping and not being steam rolled by a massive 100+ zerg. When attacking a base we drop the main squad on point while the squad infil begins to hack out a sundy and park it nearby. Depending on the base and enemy pop the fire teams will move into positions away from the point suppressing the spawn room. The capture point is basically reserved as a last stand when enemy pop starts to increase and we feel that we are about to be over run on our frontal positions. This helps delay the enemy room and time. If wiped on the frontal positions and the pop is still in our favor or even we will reinsert by sundy, beacon, or gal. Something that we are still working on is tactical retreats. If we see a gap plus it appears we will be awash with a zerg we will pullout to a safe distance and drag the zerg out while skirmishing.

    Issues that we continue to work on:

    Postioning: A lot of times in a fire fight we are moving around to much instead of holding our door or angle. Still work on calling out transfers. Something I remind myself and the squad is,
    Move fast but don't rush.

    Gal pick ups: We have done increasingly better every week especially with designated gal pilots but the more time we shave off insertion and exit the more tactical we are. Since TG doesn't play redeployside or spawn beacon swap we have a disadvantage of losing time when it comes to this. The objective is to make this as efficient as possible so that this isn't a hindrance.

    Comms: At the beginning comms were a big debate in squad of what we wanted to use. TS, in-game, discord. For now we are settling on TS for Fire teams and ingame for squad.

    Squad comp: At the beginning squad comp was looser and people would pull classes without request. This has gotten better over time.

    Tactical Retreats: Probably one of our weaker areas. Finding the right time to withdraw troops when fighting an overwhelming force. This weighs on me the most because its tough to find the correct time for it. Either pullout when we shouldn't have or should have but didn't.

    (A lot of these are improving but still require work)

    Future Goals:
    • PTS: We will be heading over to PTS for scrims, trainings and drills. This will take place at our normal time 2/16/17 at 8:30pm-10pm EST. The link will be listed below. I suggest loading this before and testing it out so that we are all prepared and ready. This will be my first time using this as well so this will be a learning experience for all. All of TG is welcome to participate :D
    • TR vacation: On 2/9/17 at normal High Paced squad times we will head over to the TR and learn our enemy while representing TG and having fun. If this gains interest in March we could play VS. Like PTS I would suggest members to go over and play for a little bit to cert up at least one class before the scheduled date.
    • Drills: Before or After squad we will practice very quick 5-10 min drills. So far we have gone over class loadouts, callouts, buiding defense, and breaching.
    • Fast Gal drops: instead of the gal coming to a halt we will be going over timed high speed drops. This will help us get on points faster and gals survivability.
    • Squad Member weekly goals: basically small things to keep in the back of our mind each week. For example, how to pie a corner.

    Roster: Players that have showed up more then once.

    First post:


    My thanks to my fellow squadmates and reading this entire AAR:
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    Here's to a good month and hoping to many more. Thanks for leading Sly. :)


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      Thanks for the write-up Sly.

      I would like to add to the PTS point - I *think* that we can copy over the useroptions.ini file in full / part to the PTS install directory. This would allow everyone to play with the same sensitivities, game quality, key bindings, etc. I'll check it out and update if I have issues with doing a full copy.


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        Are you sure about PTS? for 2 hours?

        In my view, going to PTS is going to reduce the number of people attending due to less visibility on Emerald. Sometimes I just have 30min to 1hour, and my intention is to be entertained and escape yet also have a serious competitive component to playing the game. (often that 1 hour turns into 2 hours, #[email protected]#! PS2 =) ... And having to go to PTS is more friction to accomplishing that goal. And even on PTS you can get messed with by other players...

        Why not use the Warpgate bases or VR or the low pop continent at friendly bases to do scrims/practices... then it wouldn't take long to switch to actual combat to put it into practice. It would be lonely if new members come online 2 nights a week to hear crickets in Outfit chat, and 12-24 TG are on PTS...

        Also, I would add that Sly's note about "move fast but don't rush" is important, I notice Sly and Garthra stopping or walking to let people group up/stack up but Heleana is so situationally aware, he moves faster than everyone and doesn't wait 15 seconds, he waits 3. :) I would suggest Heleana to wait for the support (like especially medics) before saying 1,2,3, breach :)
        Sometimes the overlapping voice comms, map work, and the nature of "blinders" in combat, and general fog of war, and internet lag, means that people(me) miss calls out or don't catch the direction until 10 seconds later, so I find my old "dad" butt falling behind the younger guys with teenage reaction times... =) i.e. I am aiming down sights and I am moving behind cover while crouched and waiting for BadGuy to pop his head up, I may miss the call out to re-spawn at the sundy, and I am not going to see the map/waypoint change for 10+ seconds y'know? :)


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          Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast! ;)

          I agree about not going to PTS, but I hardly play any more anyway. However even at the height of my involvement in PS2 I never wanted to install it, too much hassle. I agree with Ricterr that it may shrink the pool of players you might draw from for these squads. Having said that, this is your deal Sly so you can what you want. But you asked for feedback so people are giving it. :)

          Keep up the good work man.
          "The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it." - George Bernard Shaw


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            AAR for Jan. 26th, 2017:

            SlyfoxV was unable to make the fight tonight. As I have been in the squad for most of the fights and performed Fire Team leads I took up the SL position tonight. Alpha had support from FujiTsuji and GeneralCain in Bravo as Air-to-Ground. Unfortunately the Planetside 2 servers went down at 9:30pm Eastern, one hour after the squad kicked off. Alpha squad was 12/12 (including 1 blue). At the kick-off the squad was briefed that it would be run at a fast paced "Slyfox-esque" style with a focus on good pickups and call-outs.

            Alpha had great logistic asset support from both Jan and Garthra , as well as ground support via VLAD . We stayed either Sunderer or Galaxy mobile all night. All fights took place on Amerish. While TG was the first to make it to East Hill Checkpoint in our sundy we quickly had blues come in and take a forward position, leveraging the 70% population advantage. I decided to pull TG off of that fight and get more tactical. We took our humble sundy down west to Mekala Auxilary Compound (MAC) - the rear way. TG held the point and was the critical force in securing the capture of MAC - at 45% population no less. We did well, albeit not getting the TG tag on the base.

            Alpha was then surrounded by VS armor units at MAC which forced us to take up a close range AV role to push out. After reminding the squad that they wait to take jump pads when ordered to stack up, all of Alpha utilized both the northern tower jump pad and the southern. Alpha successfully managed to exfiltrate out to the southern field where our Galaxy transportation was waiting.

            Alpha and Bravo were directed to Chimney Rock Depot (CRD). Bravo focused on Sunderers to the west while Alpha did a drop onto the high rock to the east of A point. About half of the squad remembered to hold on the high ground as ordered and wait for the command to follow Vlad down to A. Alpha efficiently wiped out the remaining TR force at CRD, through several rounds of TR "zombie" revives. Galaxy pickup was right on cue - the order was given to move east and hop right in, a very nice extraction by Garthra. Alpha then went to Lithcorp Central where half of the squad again decided to drop from the Galaxy without being ordered. Alpha was reminded that the drop command was just explained to them and the squad quickly returned to the Galaxy.

            Alpha squad then assaulted the Bastion - a 3 point base with unforgiving terrain for infantry. We managed to cap the eastern point but encountered enemy AV turrets while moving to the western point. Half of the squad (including all medics) were wiped by this turret. The squad was ordered to move to the west tower and exfiltrate. The remaining squad did a great job of leveraging the jump pads to jump "clear" out of enemy range. At this point we again had a great extraction via Galaxy on the far west tower. We managed to get everyone out alive, though some did go down due to pinpoint one kilometer AV turret shooting by the TR.

            TL;DR: The squad for the one hour that we got to play tonight was very fun to lead. Thanks to the helpers on the assets again. The good - we had several good tactical moves that influenced the flow of battle in favor of the NC. The bad - we need to work on cohesive position holding and drops. We all know about DROP said 3x, and Vlad in his MAX suit was used as point man for most maneuvers. We have to understand that holding where SL wants is more important long term than rushing to A point and a quick death.

            Thanks for making it this far into the novel, and see you all next week.


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              P.S. Ricterr I used your feedback tonight and gave some more between order intent & execution. The squad did well overall in staying together and focused on the same objectives. Thanks for the feedback .


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                Heleana thanks for picking the squad up and the write up. See you guys on Tuesday!


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                  For those interested in the scrim on PTS 2/16/16 the above link was incorrect( i edited it to the correct one). This one below is the correct one. I went on and set up PTS. Would suggest going in and changing all the settings and setting up a character on at least the NC and TR factions just to save time. We will use TS to set the whole thing up so meet there.

                  link to download is at the bottom


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                    TG had a good showing tonight for the Fast Paced Squad. We started out a bit slow with 7 people. With this Tuesday being Valentine's day the server / continent population was a bit odd. Amerish was 50/50 NC/TR and Indar was the usual 1/3 splits. I chose Indar so that we would have a few decent fights and stay away from over-populated ones. This did put us into a few "meat grinders" from time to time.

                    When starting out with 6 & 7 people we used Valkyries to get air mobile from small outposts, e.g. Scarred Mesa. I think that using dual Valkyries for transportation is pretty optimal for most cases. It allowed us to run through spawn, get topped off, get to the terminals, and get loaded up. All of this took about 20 seconds to do and kept us very mobile and engaged. I think that I prefer this to waiting for a Galaxy to come pick us up for these fast squads. The downside of course is any flak at the drop zone; this was not an issue tonight.

                    Special thanks to Bl4xxn for picking up a Bravo squad tonight. We had a detached TG squad running for a while. When this shut down Blaxxen stepped up to be Bravo lead for the remaining TG not in Alpha. Bravo did well in supporting Alpha and we functioned mostly as a large contiguous squad.

                    Thanks to Rybthod for being Alpha FTL. We did not make good use of FTs tonight however for two reasons. Firstly we were on Indar and I prefer to keep all 12 of us together forsurvivability. Secondly as only about half of the squad was in TS I thought it best not to get cluttered comms; Rybthod did use proxy chat in the few times that we did use FTs.

                    If anyone has constructive feedback for how to be fast, infantry focused, tactical, effective, and durable all at once on Indar at prime time I'll all ears .

                    Thanks to everyone who came out.




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