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  • AAR High Paced Monthly Report

    Hello all,

    Another month in the books for the High Paced squad. For February our two big events were the PTS and TR vacation. We had good turn outs for both and will be doing it again in March. Dates will be posted at the the bottom. Only difference is that we will switch to VS. I wrote out some interesting drills that we can practice on PTS such as breaches and shooting moving targets. Anyone is welcome to come to these events.

    Things we continue to work on:
    • Gal Drops: We have been testing out a new gal drop method which has been helping us with faster insertions and gal survival. Still needs some varnish but is coming together nicely.
    • Callouts: A very recent topic but I have been asking the guys to literally call out everything. Putting ammo down, enemy on balcony, rezzing sly. Call out everything. Keeps everyone on the same page.
    • Fire Teams: internal comms within my own fire team remains to be a personal struggle but have been slowly improving. Those that have lead Diamond Fire teams have done a great job at this.

    Future objectives:
    • We will start implementing valks more often into the squad and see if we get better results compared to gals.
    • Demoman, breacher, point man: Have only put a little bit of thought in this but basically a person that carries grenade bandolier sets the squad up for a breach. The squad has done well with assigning squad members to specific roles. Gal pilot, infil, fire team leader. I'm hoping this will yield the same results.
    • FNF: Basically bring the high Paced squad over to FNF and fight on TGs biggest night.
    • Co-OP: do an Op with another outfit. Stay tuned.

    • The squad has been pulling off some great holds, capturing/defending some hard fought territories.
    • squad acc, hsr and KD is steadily increasing.
    • gal pick ups/ drops
    • comms

    • VS vacation date will be 3/7/17 at 8:30 EST. Find me in TS or discord to set up squad.
    • PTS will be 3/30/17 at 8:30 EST. Again, Find me in TS or discord to set up squad.

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    An update on the Valkyries: We decided that they were too fragile compared to he Galaxy. It took too many people out of combat and complicated transportation. I would only consider them if we needed air transport at a base that only offered light aircraft.




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