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  • [AAR] ThePhoenixRisesAgain

    Greetings all, since I'm not dead tired after a squad, I decided to write up an AAR as best as possible.
    My apologies for any mistakes.

    Previous GeneralCain was running armor, taking us around and hitting TR position with flanking Vanguards, but something came up on his end and I volunteered to take lead from him. Right after I took command, I sent our squad in a drop in a desperate defence of Allatum Botany wing (not shown); ended in disaster, decided to change it up.

    START: After the failed defence of the previous mentioned Botany Wing, I decided to go and help a friendly active HIVE out(Position 1), the results of spawning into a base under-fire was pretty difficult, taking fire from the north and south by Prowlers and Lightnings. This is where the idea to use the Phoenix Rocket launcher, this NC only weapon is a Remote Controlled Rocket Launcher, making it possible to follow enemy armor retreating behind a rock or something. I asked for some phoenix launchers to be pulled and help defend the base. Base defence with a group of phoenix rocket launchers gives us defenders a chance, since we can destroy retreating enemies who think are saved by terrain cover. The base defended valiantly, but in the end we were consumed by the HIVE exploding.

    TAKE 2... ACTION!
    Following layout of kits from the previous failed defence, I asked my troops to pull again Phoenix rocket launchers. With about 3-5 Heavy Assaults mostly armed with Phoenix's , we loaded up into a sunderer and moved to Position one again, only for the sundy to be destroyed, we regrouped, destroyed the prowler, and kept moving on foot towards our next objective.
    We moved on foot to Position 2 and during so, encountered a few more pieces of armor and fired a few rockets from behind some rocks mid way into Ayani labs. This became the first use of Pheonix Artillery of the night, as we were shooting rockets into a fortified enemy position, hitting MAX's and infantry.

    We settled into Position 3 and guarded the area for a while, moving between a tree(3) and some rocks(2), here we kept firing upon Ayani labs when not in contact with enemy armor. We nearly got wiped out defending, but we steadfast and safeguarded our position. NC ends up over the first Victory over TR:TE. We start to move with the NC to Vanu Archives.

    TE Falls back to Vanu Archives, NC forces land on all three points, but are quickly destroyed off Bravo.
    During this our squad had moved and deployed our squad oh phoenix rocket launchers at Position 4. Our squad starts to grow, we assign a few people to using Archers while the rest use the Phoenix to destroy bombard enemies from a safe position.
    We ended up successfully wiping the pads of enemies for a bit, and started to gain a few angry people launching dive bombing LA's on us. These attacks were semi-sucessfull, but did not deter our squad. TE Attempted to take the C point with a large MAX push again, and we again started to artillery their MAX suits to death. I assumed our attacks were being highly sucessfull due to the constant stream of Valk drops and Flashes coming towards us.
    In the end, we captured the base, the flag shown: TacticalGamer.

    After the NC forces captured Vanu Archives, they chased Templars to Snake Ravine and TG followed by attempting to setup a new firing Position(5) this attempt to setup ended up in disaster, as we quickly lost our sunderer, and after moving to 5th position, we are destroyed by an overwhelming TE counter attack on our position.

    Our squad regrouped after re-spawning nearby and we prepared to counter-counter attack the enemy and soon secured the position(6). We did sporadic artillery assaults on Snake Ravine with our Phoenix's but mostly spent our time destroying armor wandering into our firing range on the East side. After NC forces captured Snake Ravine, we slowly attack moved to Position 7(VII).
    By now our squad is nearly at capacity, with our first target being a large defending TR Armor squad. With a successful volley fire, we knocked out a repair sundy in the first go and kept on destroying armor while moving towards an enemy Hive nearby. I swapped our role from being artillery and anti vehicle to hitting an enemy HIVE just South East of 7th position, the squad was successful for a while, sometimes destroying a stray prowler or a random vehicle, but ultimately attacking the Hive base modules.

    Disaster almost strikes again!
    Suddenly, NC forces are wiped off Crossroads watchtower and a HUGE wave of TR started to run at us. We haven't finished the base off, but we also cant kill off the entire TE force moving out of Crossroads Watchtower.
    I ordered the squad to move south, counterclockwise of the mountain so we can continue destroying the HIVE which was at High efficiency. During the retreat we lost no one(??) and once we were in position again to attack the HIVE base, although during the move friendly forces had arrived in a Valkyrie and finished it off.. Onward's to Regeant rock! (Position 8). This is where it started to slowdown as our target rich environment ended and, our only target was the East point or the rare pieces of armor that would come around. Regeant rock gets secured and we get away with a few kills.

    We crossed the road (almost un-successfully) and arrive at our last position. The fight against TE suddenly felt empty, during the artillery-ing of Xenotech labs, with a lack of targets, I saw an opportunity to hit some Hives. After requesting a galaxy pickup we moved on.

    Final minutes.

    Our new target was a trio of VS hives on the border of the out of bounds zone in the North-West area of the map. I figured it our Phoenix's would be a real help to taking out HIVE's.
    We landed at Indar excavation, grabbed a sundy and was too late to the party. NC forces had already knocked out 2 of the three bases I planned on piting a full squad of Phoenix rocket launchers again. Too bad :(. The final base was rock solid and built with only a tiny window of attack in the famous crater in the North east. eventually, with combined efforts of the NC forces and our phoenixs and archer fire, we took it down. I ordered the sundy back to Indar excavation, where we ended.

    /squad disband

    Thanks guys for joining me that night, it was really fun for myself and I hope you too had fun.

    In conclusion
    Total squad wipes: 2? (I do not think we ever lost momentum during the night)
    Total score: 5 bases, lots of angry tells.
    Total squad awesomeness: 10/10

    Position three was probably the highlight of the night, for me at least. We kept bombarding MAX's who thought they were in cover and soon received angry tells.

    The phoenix is a very scary weapon when used by a whole squad of troops, being able to volley down a tank that is behind cover, hitting large clumps of forces inside buildings and even hitting them outside where they think they are in cover. I think we made some people see how we #MakeThePhoenixGreatAgain
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