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4/16/17 - An Escape To Make Your Palms Sweat On Indar

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  • [AAR] 4/16/17 - An Escape To Make Your Palms Sweat On Indar

    Tonight we did a true TG style operation. Thank you to all who took part. It was awesome.

    This may make more sense with a picture showing our route, but I am too tired to figure out how to attach one, so I have tried to describe our movements as best I can. The NC had Quartz Ridge, the TR held Indar Excavation and the north. The TR was making a major push for Quartz Ridge. My intent was to disrupt the TR logistics and thereby help relieve the pressure from the defenders of Quartz Ridge.

    It began with a galaxy drop on the far west edge of indar, trying to flank enemy sundies that were moving towards Quartz Ridge from the north, or if possible engaging sundy’s currently spawning troops to attack quartz ridge. We were well equipped, with two maxes (one AT - Quanix and one AA - @TheFatz) and at least one heavy able to shoot air lockon missiles, I think that was @Vlad.

    We were dropping far behind the main battle line. I thought it was too hot to drop anywhere near it, we would walk closer as infantry, thereby preserving some stealth. The plan was to move south east from the drop zone until we had a rear/side shop on enemy sundy’s coming from Indar Excavation or deploying at Quartz Ridge.

    Even before we landed we took fire from an ESF, and had to take time to drive him away with the galaxy's guns. (I did not want to have him strafing our landing zone, or worse, reporting it to his allies.) If I knew what was to follow, I might have taken the ESF as an omen of trouble.

    We landed and moved South east. Contact was not immediate, but pretty quick. At first it was light, a sundy that wandered too far away from its friends, etc. I honestly do not recall if we took out any sundies that were actually effectively being used at the time. We did take out some vehicles. But before we could really approach our true objective (stemming the tide of enemy reinforcements to Quartz Ridge) we started taking air strafing, and armor contacts. Combat became hot, and I know we could not stay here, sooner or later the armor or air would be too strong on this mainly open terrain.

    First I called a movement west, to get us out of the enemy’s direct line of advance towards the main fight. Then I called for a retreat to the north west. I was thinking we would need to walk far north and hack a terminal for a sunderer to escape in. As luck would have it right then someone had joined the squad and ask what I needed, I needed a galaxy, very badly. My hope was if we got far enough north, it would be safe enough for the gal pickup. There was a massive fight around quartz ridge and I thought if even a fraction of the force there turned to face us, it would be catastrophic. Hence the retreat, I judged the main battle line at Quartz Ridge too intense to try exfil that direction, and the cliffs on the far west of indar (west of quartz ridge) not climbable, at least not under the withering fire that would be directed on us. The gal came in under fire, but was so damaged that we had to bail out after going no more than 150 meters to the north (away from contact, but into enemy territory).

    Note to self, be more precise in telling the galaxy where to land. Thinking back, if the gal had landed a little further behind cover, it might have lived long enough to carry us out. That is something to improve on.

    We continued to move north. I believe ac4ucharlie was the lone infiltrator. I cautioned him to stay alive, because, we would need him to hack a terminal and provide sunderers for our long exfiltration plan. I kept encouraging people to keep moving north west, as we could not afford to remain where the enemy thought we were. We had to keep moving.

    The squad had performed well, and the medics as always deserve much credit for our continued survival on this forced march.

    Our objective was to move north until we were west of Helios solar, and then cut across to it and get sunderers, which I hoped would give us the maneuverability and firepower to escape back to NC territory.

    It is too simple to say we moved on foot. We were fairly consistently under fire and taking casualties and the squad was holding itself together. I lost all count of how many times TheFatz (the max I was repairing as an engineer) went down and was picked up.

    I remember at one time we had a lib strafing us from above, a lightening charging us from the west, and a sniper from the north west, as we covered behind a ridge and a deployable wall left over from some forgotten builder. Two or three guys had gone west to Helios solar, and I remained with maybe 2/3 of the squad trying to hang on at a ridge until the sunderers arrived. They eventually did but it was a near thing.

    I recall someone commenting that [FedEx] was chasing us. I did not personally have time to look at the tags of the enemies but they were determined whoever they were.

    Once we were in the Sunderers (2x), I quickly planed an escape. If we were far enough east, there was a gap in the line where the populations were low, and I believed we could escape to NC territory. We went East to Dahaka Amp. As we traveled in two sunderers, the enemies did not forget about us. We faced off against at least one liberator, and I think light armor contacts along the way. Compared to the hectic moment to moment infantry foot march, this was easy combat, but it was not without action.

    At the amp station we turned south east and went through Dahaka southern post. Then south east to Seabed listening post. At some point, probably due to my poor direction,s one of the sunderers got a little lost and went north east instead of south east. (Good note for me, got to be clear!)

    At this point our safe exfil area had heated up. Between seabed listening post, and Ceres Hydropnics, a canyon runs south, past TI alloys, to Altinum Botany wing, and Snake Ravine. We had to use that canyon, as I judged the area around it too heavily populated to risk movement without the cover/concealment provided by the canyon. TI alloys to the east was only modestly populated, but to the west altinum broadcast hub was quite hot. I ordered the sunders up that canyon towards the closest NC base, Snake Revine Lookout. There are several forks in that canyon, and at one point the sunderer I was in took a right (west) which lead it quickly into devastating fire. (Again, note to self, be more clear about route!) We all made it out ok and ran East towards the remaining sunderer. Just after the first sunderer died, I heard on Squad chat the other Sundy was down, but happily everyone jumped out in time. The squad marched south, in the canyon, pursued by a mag rider. I ordered everyone up on the east side of the canyon, so if the mag charged it could not run us over, about when we got on the east side, I noticed it had broken off the pursuit. We marched mostly unmolested towards the safety of Snake Ravine Lookout. I congratulated everyone on making it back to NC territory. We were done, I thought.

    But as we approached, I saw the enemy was taking the base. We would have to resecure it.

    As we closed, the enemy hacked the AT turret at the base, and began shelling us, we made it inside with some casualties (Thanks to medics for saving us!) Then it was very close fighting, modest in intensity, but very short range, a real change from the ranged encounters and vehicle combat we had been enduring for the past twenty minutes. We resecured the base without too much trouble, it took a few minutes, but was not so bad.

    I decided that as a good place to call it, but right as I was about to end the operation, a wave of vehicles attacked. Several sunderers swarmed the base and some infantry. We fought them off. One sundy took cover behind a ridge to the east, between snake ravine and the bridge to the east. I called for everyone to load up in a sundy, and we would ride out to prevent the enemy sundy from setting up in safety and spawning more infantry than we could deal with. This was to be a small pursuit in my mind, finish wiping them up, then call it a day. 200 meters out, 200 meters back. No sweat. I was wrong.

    We made it to the enemy sundy, and destroyed it, but we had kicked the hornets nest. Enemy armor and some air started coming in from our East in significant numbers. I moved the Sundy under the bridge to our east to get it out of the fire, and the squad followed on foot. The sundy was so damaged I didn’t want anyone else dying if it blew up during the run for the cover of the bridge. (I believe it was Vlad that suggested that position because we were taking not only armor but also aircraft fire, and the bridge would at least get rid of one.)

    Once at the bridge we held desperately. The sunderer died quickly. Generally we stayed in the rafters under the bridge but above the ground, to avoid being run over by tanks and harassers. It was death to be on the ground below, and death to be on the bridge above. I do not know how many armor pieces engaged us, but it was constant combat. I was an engineer running around trying to drop ammo for everyone and repair the two maxes, my world shrank. At a minimum 2 magriders and a harasser, but I think it was more. We were effectively suppressed, and I did not feel we could move. At least twice when I thought I saw a way for us to escape to the west to the safety of Snake Ravine, when we were about to move we started taking fire was coming from all sides. Leaving seemed suicidal, but staying here was slow death, I was sure.

    After what seemed forever, but was probably no more than 10 minutes living like trolls under that infernal bridge, I thought we had enough of an opening. Something had distracted the mag riders to our south, and we had only a harasser to our north west. I called for a push north west, if we could take out the harasser we might make it before the rest of the armor refocused on us.

    It was a hard fought maneuver, but we did it. We made it to the trees east of Snake Ravine, with combat along the way, and then into Snake ravine itself in relative peace. Whew.

    At that point, we had been in near constant combat, most of it against superior force or in hostile territory without spawns or reinforcements, for about 40 minutes. I think we had maybe 3 deaths that were not picked up by a medic in that time and had to respawn.

    I called for a redeploy to warp gate and we celebrated our victory.

    That was truly a team effort by all players. If anyone had wandered off and died early on, the loss to our firepower would have likely been fatal later on, as there were many moments where it all hung by a thread. If our medics had not been amazing, it would not have been possible. If our engineers had not kept the maxes up and ammo’d we would have died for certain as their heavy guns 100% saved us. And the even the infiltrator was critical; by allowing us to pull sunderers from a hostile base the infil gave us an escape. Without that we would have never made it out of our initial area of operations by Indar Excavation. People used smoke well throughout to conceal medics working on maxes, and movements of the team. We had solid callouts that allowed for focused firepower. It was, to me, TG at its finest, working as a disciplined team.

    Some things to improve on: 1.) Giving proper LZs to galaxy to minimize their fire on landing. 2.) Be more precise with directions to sunderers.

    Well done everyone. Thank you for your excellent play, and for a very fun game.
    Feel free to post your recollections of the operation!
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    The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"

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    Proper TG work at it's finest indeed. Great read, and even better to actually be there in it all. This is the reason I am in TG. There were really good moments and moments where we should have all died, but with determination, discipline, and friendship. We Freaking Made It. Good show Garthra, and boys.




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