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5/31/17 TG & PHX CO-OP

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  • [AAR] 5/31/17 TG & PHX CO-OP

    PL & OPS Leads ~ TG - UltimateMuffinMan PHX - Deery50
    Alpha SL - Heleana

    Where and when - Indar, 8:00pm - 10:00pm EST.

    Warpgate Control : NC - Eastern WG, TR - Northern WG, VS - Western WG.

    Indar being Indar, The whole of TG and PHX held the northern front again the TR for the entire night. (NS material to Ceres Hydroponics)
    The fights were complete tug of war fights with large populations being thrown around (~60 a side on average). TG was a squad strength so we took exterior base roles, opposed to pushing in with infantry. PHX maintained the majority of the infantry strength as well as supplying the bodies to push in between the bases. Some notable moments from the night would be our hold onto The Palisade. PHX took the north eastern road and set up a road block for the impending armor. TG was tasked with holding the northern slopes of Palisade from any flanking armor. Flank the enemy did as I saw alpha at one point being attacked by nearly 3 squads of armor. Another notable part of the night was a drop on the A point of Howling Pass checkpoint. Alpha made a good effect on point holding with blues on point, however eventually got wiped off.

    Unfortunately, I was not in the action as much as I am usually and I don't have a great recount on the events that transpired in alpha. If you were part of the OPS feel free to share your favorite part of the night! Thank you all to who participated.



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