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Friday Night Fight 7/28/17

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  • [AAR] Friday Night Fight 7/28/17

    Hello! Muffin here to bring a story from this weeks FNF!

    Some of you may not have joined us due to Emerald being down, however a bunch of people were on teamspeak so we decided to get on Connery and still get some FNF action.
    (This is why it's important to have teamspeak, so when things go south we can still find out ways to have fun! :D )

    Anyways onto the AAR

    Continent: Esamir
    Warp Gates: VS - NorthWestern, TR - Eastern, NC - Southern
    Attendance: 1 full squad

    Echo Valley Substation - Situation: NC controlled. Base is on the clock, TR pop: 75%, NC pop: 25%. Spawn room surrounded. Coming off a wipe, the full squad deploys to Echo Valley. The situation is worse than I expected as the main spawn is fully camped. I call for the squad to go through the teleporter to the secondary spawn room. The secondary spawn room is camped even worse than the main. Squad is ordered back to main spawn room. Squad is told to have all eyes on squad lead, north side of spawn room. Instructions were as follows, "See this window on the NE side of spawn, First we jump through the window. Then we SPRINT up the hill to the north until we reach the top, they have a weak spot in their line there. Once we are grouped at the top, we will do a flank to the west. Three, two, one, GO!". Through the window we went and up the hill. It was a short run to rock cover and we made it there damaged but alive thanks to our medics. Once at the top of the hill, we had a surprise. A Terran Republic sunderer! Orders were to kill it as fast as possible and start to fall back to the lip of the hill to our east. The fight got down to tooth and nail as more and more TR were diverting from main spawn to come and kill us, the sunderer blew up and most of the squad laid dead. Thankfully our medics were working overtime, we recovered maybe 3 times in a row. Once we had secured our flanks and got the dead up, we were staring down a mountain full of snipers and a closer hill that had more and more TR heads coming over the top. Seeing everyone was up I called for the squad to break contact and move southeast, following the eastern edge of echo valley. The squad broke contact and started making the move to the south towards the friendly base, East River Sky Station. As we neared the south side of Echo Valley, we got up on the southern ridge near the southern sunderer garage. Seeing our opportunity, I told the squad to hunker down in cover on top of the ridge and to focus fire northwest at any vehicle that might want to push the East River Sky lattice. After a few sunderers and about 10 or so infantry died trying to get to our position, the enemy caught wind to our antics. Seeing a large push coming I ordered squad to move south east off the ridge line to the next ridge and to setup defense there. After another close call we secured the second ridge and had a solid line of fire onto our old position, as well as the vehicle choke point to our west. Again the enemy was determined and they sent roughly 5 lightnings, 5 harassers and a squad of infantry to take our position. Honestly, i'm not too sure how we lived but the medics did their job and everyone took a body down with them as they died. Finally, we received reinforcements after what seemed like forever. They pushed a few armor assets up the road and placed a sundy to our south west, up on the mountain. After living the onslaught of TR that was thrown at us, we moved southwest to the friendly sundy and re-equipped ourselves, hopped in a squad sundy and drove it back into the southern garage of Echo Valley Substation. The majority of the TR had left and the friendlies that pushed up with us allowed for an easy retake of the powerhouse, A point and eventually, the base.
    Here's a visual representation of our movements.

    Green arrows = movements, Red = Area fighting took place, Blue= Friendly re-kit

    Great job on this base guys, its a testament to the ruggedness of TG teamwork and how difficult it is for the enemy to overcome.

    Excellent job on the night overall guys, I would write more about the other great fights we had but it's 3:00 AM. :D

    See you guys next FNF!
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    Excellent write-up muffin. Its nice to get some screenshots of the movements and getting a better image because of them.

    Did you guys enjoy the other side?


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      It was definitely a change of pace, no medics had res nades, rank one tools, limited versatility in our kits. It was an interesting and fun experience, but most of all I think we appreciate our emerald accounts a bit more now. :D


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        Nice write up! Fun to read. :)
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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