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29th September 2018 FnF

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  • [AAR] 29th September 2018 FnF

    Welcome to Friday night Fights - INDAR

    I had a few hours to spare to have a slow relaxing game building a router base, a small squad of maybe 4 players to sit back and feel the rays of the sun while filling the silos.

    Then my Icon changed, it got bigger, as I went to drop spades fire team waypoint, my screen filled with many waypoint Icons - I am now PL.....

    Suddenly Command comms start lighting up, filling with heavy traffic multiple requests for reinforcements, everywhere. I popped the map open and looked around....Nothing over 12-24 any where. I looked at the NC pop on the other maps, NC had the highest population. I decided to Stay on the current map due to issue we might face sitting in ques, I proceeded to turn command comm down.

    Tonight Comms were heavy all over CC PL squad TS and FIRETEAM.

    First I must apologies to my Pilot and Charlie squad for my lack of attention in parts of the night, and a big thank you to Garthra for taking control of the Air part of Charlie.

    Alpha Lead :
    oOQuanixOo - Infantry
    Bravo Lead : Helana -
    Charlie Lead vts / Garthra - Base/Air support
    Platoon Lead : General Cain / vts

    I requested a small squad to build a router base to supply spawn options to the rest of the platoon.

    I had Charlie setup 3 silos in a triangle 200m apart with AA turrets in the centre and a cloaked sunderer. Near silos we had 2 routers spires(one not working).

    Once the silos were filled Garthra took over as SL tasked with Air Support, 3 of Charlie stayed to maintain the base and routers.

    I setup Alpha and Bravo for base capping the TR side with the intention to cut off the biolab from behind. giving them a base each to attack, and when needed to group up to take on bigger changes. Once Charlie was ready to move, my primary request was to support / escort each squad on the next location.

    Once I had placed a router on the VS Tech plant I made a request for all squad to move away from TR and cut into VS territory.

    The pan was to infiltrate the vehicle terminal outside the tech plant and mobilised to take the surrounding area.

    Bravo gal dropped and pulls rep sunderser and stated to move to East to the next base then North to started the Capping.

    Alpha was still entrenched deep in the TR territory, unable to take off due to [AA?]

    I requested Charlie to keep up the escort of both squads when needed and while is down time Charlie decided to retake lands the VS had taken to wards the West.

    0400 GMT Once we had secured the NS boarder I stood down as PL and passed the seat to UltimateMuffinman

    Asorr took Delta - as Armour.
    Charlie continued as Air.

    I made the request for all squad to regather at Warp gate so the platoon could re organise.

    I felt that My platoon leading was not up to par tonight, but cannot fault any of the Squad leaders AND squad Member for their dedicated team work. Excellent Work everyone!

    0430 GMT I took the role as temporary squad member in Charlie until we had secued a base cap.

    That was the longest 30 minutes I have ever done.(2300 - 0430 GMT

    I welcome anyone in the platoon to fill the gaps

    That yellow area H5 was the location of the router base. Did it get used after?

    Footage from Heleana Discord after I had finished


    (6..~)Z Z z z....



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