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  • [AAR] Spec Ops Defend Crux HQ

    Current mission status: unknown::classified:eyes only
    Crew: A select few, invite only from the top ranks with diplomatic powers.

    Mission Type: Story mode, Land Hold

    Mission brief:
    Location AMERISH Mid Lands
    ETDuration 10 minutes - when crux falls.
    ATD :5 hours - and counting

    Mission Objectives:
    To defend Crux HQ and surrounding farm lands from TR and VS plundering
    To search and destroy weapons of mass destruction(WoMD)
    To Security detail the surrounding areas.
    To resupply NC owned MOD installations.
    To offer spawn location and kit changes at the FOB
    To launch craft and repair incoming NC Air units


    Setup the main base on the NC border of the no deploy - closing of the North East road, and gating the North West road.

    Stage 2
    Defend and push out any hostile forces to setup the FOB
    FOB after the a huge fight, rebuilt

    Stage 3
    Setup satellite Strike areas around FOB

    SatNAV1 - Air support:
    A fortified area with Air resupply and station with ground vehicle ammo supply

    SatNAV2 OS - Undefended in plain sight Orbital Strike location

    SatNAV3 ION cannon/ Fail attract base

    The squad started as a need to know squad, invite only, with a mission time of 10 minutes or more due to been ON CALL.

    Ants were sent out from the warp gate to scout out a predefined location , CRUX HQ
    Two shield gate setup on the North West road to allow allied forces access to Crux HQ and the surrounding Farming lands, while the North East Side was locked down and walled off.
    While the ants were busy building a Small crew of specially selected TG finest were tasked with area defence.

    This was a heavy fight pushing well after the 10 minute windows with our NC forces pushing the VS North.

    Soon our ant crew push aggressively North near the Norton border of Crux, insight of the VS borders

    We setup an FOB with basic defences, while under fire, but, we got the base plate down, setup the silo and build a pill box to shield our crew.

    Once the NC forces had moved up we continues to build on the defences with walls, other ant crews started to takeover the resupply of the two bases, as the Turrets were built

    Time for the First Satellite Base, the Air support base:
    this was our strike base the last tip of NC territory, everything North of this point was in range of the WoMD and smaller turrets.

    It was the first and only base to be taken out by the VS OS.

    We setup out our own OS in open land with no defence, A silo, OS and IA and made request for each silo to be filled. This was used to take out the VS OS and Assault the West VS base.

    One of our allied forces made a request on Command to support an attract on a entrenched VS base. We flew in all the equipment we needed from our main base, OIN cannon, IA mod, Silo and dropped them on the road along side the VS base.
    We air dropped on the East Hills and I dropped my ION Dart on the base, our allied counterpart had setup base on the North west side, allowing both of us to take out the sky-shield.

    This allow both forces to make some damage to the base before we were called off to support our FOB

    Cutting a long story short, my 10 minutes lasted over 5 hours as at every push we defended the TG owned Crux HQ and defended off wave after wave of assaults on the bases and Crux.

    Thank you everyone who helped out, please feel free to post your thoughts as well as the local NC allied forces.

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    This was a good game, bar me rolling my ant to death twice, I was not prepared for how bouncy those little beasties are.

    I think we did well repelling the enemy forces for such a large time, even falling back as we did we held them there for the entirety. Had my internet not decided to go the way of the tamagochi I may have been able to stay on longer but what action I did see was good fun.

    I think for the future, as this was the first time I was a fireteam lead, I will try and take a little more control of my dots. For me it was very frustrating that their air support was so well organised and with only 1-2 people using lockons it was their defence of the points that kept our attacking arms quite well controlled. That and a pair of harassers, harassing us effectively.

    Otherwise it was very enjoyable, I wish I got to build more, but we were in the thick of battle almost the entire time, so all good fun either way. Without us doing what we did, that whole right flank would have opened up, we held their three armor columns (in case you gents didn't know there were three separate organised squads against us)

    For myself i'm still learning, calling out for support when your in the thick of things is something I am very unused to, normally engaging from a safe distance or getting safe first, the thick of it really was the thick of it at one point using an enemy tank for cover as I ran along side them to protect my flank as I fired into the red air support. Its amazing how blind a tank can be to non-threats around them.

    If anyone has some tips for calling out a location better then calling my squad, fireteam and number out when opening the map is akin to harakiri im all ears.

    VTS - it was a laugh ;D


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      P.Stringer it is indeed hard to reference information related to where someone died, it is also hard to communicate what you can see from your current location when you are dead, (what can you see!)

      One way to help others in the quick:
      Open you map when dead
      Click on the where am I Icon to centre on where you died
      Note your grid referance eg H7
      Divide that squad into 9 parts(look at your number pad) eg NP9 (each NP square is around 166m square)

      Give a call out (hard to do when dead) Armour group H7 NP9 NE from my location (H7 NP1) ets 300m
      Or I died at H7 Number pad 1 by large armour 6 units from the North east. looks likes they were heading south.

      I can look at this and work out that they have line of sight from NP9 to NP1 and I might find them between NP9 - NP3
      With this information call I can MOVE, HUNT, HIDE or ignore.(The information is only valid for a few seconds when either of us is on the move.

      If you are the FT lead drop the WP on where you feel the armour was then call it out:
      Armour near spades WP moving south, 30 seconds ago.

      Adding time to the WP allows the SL to guess where they might be if they were moving at full speed.

      Glad you had fun.

      (6..~)Z Z z z....


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        This sounds like a lot of fun! And plenty tactical too! Well done guys! Sorry I missed this.
        The question foremost in my mind is "what will bring the most tactical fun to the server?"




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