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FnF 2019-02-22

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  • [AAR] FnF 2019-02-22

    Garthra PL

    FnF kicked off around 0100 GMT

    I spent my time in an armour group today, we started with heavy armour as a holding force lead by Jan then moved to Sunderers supporting spawns in the areas that Alpha were fighting.

    I became SL for the team for 20 mins until 0400 when I figured my 20mins might now be up and handed over to Asorr.

    In between that time, while not always on task, we were pulling forces away form everywhere we went.

    The Tech plant everyone in the squad deployed unmanned sunderers on the west and north side, while we started to exit the hex, Air was heavy on our exfil, I requested one member to LA and hunt for routers above Alpha location, where he scouted the roof tops and gave intel.

    Stationed outside the hex, I decided to recall our LA and drove in the extract him. Once we were grouped up a prowler showed up and we lost our sunderer, the prowler seemed confused and also ended with a bang. We ex filled North.

    When we were on the east side of the map, we were following the second lattice line while Alpha were engaged first lattice line.

    I requested 3 sunderers and and stopped well short of my intended blocking area as we had seen armour on our Left side heading to our waypoint are.

    We blocked the road just shy of the hills apex, and held fire. meanwhile a large group of Blue armour was gathering to our south, and we open fire on the VS armour north, but did not advance,

    We pulled the sunders over and let the blue force of 15+ armour through, and pushed back and forth to support them, after 40 second the blue armour started turning purple and advancing on our position. before they did we turned around and moved to the previous base under fire all the way. On last count the pop in the hex we were leaving was around 96+ and we held them back with our now two sunderes for as long as we could.

    90% of the time we were engaged with something well before we hit the required task location, we relocated to the far east side of the map, only to start picking off armour and maxes in another 96+ fight, blues were not even close to any of the 3 points, TR were pushing heavily, on the last count, there were 12 MAX suits waiting and a few more hitting the road ahead, while comms were choppy, Alpha was re routed away from dropping here and we too, moved off.

    To night was a lot of fun, mostly TG guys with one CML everyone worked as a team member, and made known their best kits, while not directly on PL task, every squad member was on Squad task, very fluid, Just before I was shot, I requested a medic driver, I was not shot for long, thanks MPLtrace.

    The squad was setup for close engagement heavies, a mix of dumb fire and lock-ons, while in transit (most of the time) and change to engineers when needed.

    While I would have liked to run a heavy armour mix, the layout of the land and speed that the other squads were working made this choice in practical and not cost effective.

    (6..~)Z Z z z....

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    felt bad for leaving early because of game performance issues. guess ill hold off on leading until I get a new PC.




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