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Friday Night Fights Catering Core 2019-04-06

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  • [AAR] Friday Night Fights Catering Core 2019-04-06

    Time for our regular leaders to have a brake, kick off their boots and sit down for dinner while our catering staff in the armour core, cook up a little something different this Friday Night.
    Fridays Menu: Armour

    On the Starters Menu:
    Roasted armour prepared and cooked by our own DaddyOfThree (DaddyofThree23)

    Followed by a hot appetiser with a sprig of burning Magrider and lashings of Prowlers topped with a destroyed sunderer saurce made fresh by E-Male (Dr.Strangelove)

    For the main course, we had TR and VS chaos, with flanks of Alpha and Bravo Armour topped with a Light dressing of Charlie Air Spotter, mixed together by Yours truly vts (vtsINuk).

    Dessert was prepared by GeneralCain but by this time my Taxi was ready to take me home.

    Unfortunately I was unable to take any videos and photos of this mighty feast and left only with the smell of success. If you were part of this experience I would love to hear from you.

    Thank you ALL for teamwork tonight.


    (6..~)Z Z z z....

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    This AAR was a funny read. It sounds like you all had a great time!


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      Love the armor squads...I flipped two Lightnings and a Vanguard, and got a Sunderer crushed between a Vanguard and another bus. Good times!
      "I am actually looking forward to watching Jon and Kate plus 8." - Dirtboy




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