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  • Jeepo
    started a topic Some gameplay info from a player

    Some gameplay info from a player

    Seems legit!

    Alright Guys. I posted yesterday answering a ton of questions for everyone throughout the day. Later quite a few people came on and started doing the same. So I think it would be a great Idea to put together a thread that had all of the information about the game that I can think of. Mixed together with a sort of 'review' atmosphere. This way people don't need to dig through the questions thread. Here we go.

    First of all I want to start with menus.

    The Escape menu is the main menu. There ARE planned shortcuts for everything in this menu.

    The Escape menu contains quite a few tabs.

    Settings, Map, Squad, Certifications, loadout are the main ones.

    The Map lacks hotspots currently (Not sure if purposefully). However it contains a lot of other very cool information like Faction Influence in each specific section of the map.
    You can add personal way points as well as squad way points if you are the squad leader

    The Squad menu is fairly easy to navigate and control. It shows open 10 spots with a place for Name and you type the players name there and hit the + button to invite them.
    Within the squad menu is a button to change the squad into a platoon.

    The Certifications menu appeared to have 3 main trees. Loadout, Vehicle, and Command. Each tree (except Command) had sub trees in them for each loadout type/vehicle type. Unfortunately there were no certifications in the build I played, so I have no information on them.

    Settings. There is ingame voice chat I saw for both squad and platoon built into the game. There are general audio settings you'd expect. And then there are a TON of graphical settings to tweak. Things like Shadow Quality, Water Quality, Bloom, Motion Blur, Texture Quality, Draw distance, Texture Draw distance (Where it fades from ****ty textures to better ones I believe) Etc. There were at least 15 graphical tweaks you could play with.

    Next up I'd like to talk about the HUD.

    As expected your cone of fire is somewhat displayed through your targeting Reticle (Is that the word for it?) Each gun has a slightly different looking one from what I observed.
    The bottom left hand corner of your screen shows your resources, as well as a few graphs showing empire influence in the current area. It also shows control points for the base you are in and who owns them. Red is TR, Blue is NC, Purple is VS, however your Home faction will display to you as GREEN. You also have your map here.

    Your health shows up about halfway between the aimer and the bottom of the screen. It shows green bars for health and blue for shield.
    Amo is shown at the very bottom of the screen, with grenade count and your class special ability 'reload' time.

    Reloading your gun shows a progress bar that moves around your aimer. Guns take a while to reload. This is pretty major actually, and should steer you away from that "Call of duty" fear we all have. I'll explain this more later.

    Chat box is at the top left. works just like planetside 1.

    Alerts show up top-middle of the screen. things like " THE NC HAS CAPTURE HVAR REFINERY" or whatever. Unfortunately, I didn't see an easy way to confirm which point this was quickly on my map (a? b? c?)

    Next Let's talk about the Classes and their guns.

    First of all, Gun loadout for each class is completely customizable. You can change out any gun you have for something else (What though, I'm not sure. we could only keep our defaults) As you can change the attachment of the gun as well. In our demo, we saw like 8-12 different scopes at least. From ironsights, to red dot, to 2x, to 4x, to 6x.

    I apologize if this isn't accurate for each faction. I am basing this off of the TR. I played TR almost exclusively.

    Very cool class. I noticed he had a sniper and a burst-fire pistol as his weapons. He could Cloak using the F key. The cloak would last maybe 15 seconds. The more you moved and the faster you moved, the more visible you were. HOWEVER, you had absolutely no way of knowing this yourself. You just need to know " I am probably pretty visible right now" as you are sprinting along. The Cloak could be turned off halfway through if you wanted to.

    The Sniper was neat, very strong. Works like a sniper. You could shoot multiple times before you needed to reload.

    The Burst fire pistol was great too. I'm not sure if this was TR specific or not. But I didn't think it was. Basically works just like it sounds. Multiple shots, high recoil.

    The Medic has quite a few toys. He has A sub machine gun, identical to the Light assault it appeared. He also had the burst fire pistol. And he had the healing tool.

    The SMG worked just like a standard SMG.
    The Pistol like the Pistol

    The Medic tool worked similar to Team Fortress too. You could heal while moving. However it heals in chunks, not consistent health gain. You had a rechargeable bar that appeared when using the medic gun. You could heal several people, and yourself (With the F key) before having to wait for it to recharge. If people called Medic via the 'v' menu, it will alert you.
    You can revive players by simply healing their corpse. If they are attempting to respawn, they will be alerted that you tried to revive them, and can cancel the respawn to revive.

    you cannot heal someone through heavy fire. Maybe an extra tick or two, but not fast enough to make the medic a TF2 style medic.

    Light Assault
    The LA has a jetpack, the Sub Machine gun, and the Pistol.
    Extremely mobile class, one of my favorites so far. Nothing special here though except the jetpack which allowed for somewhere around 5-7 seconds of consistent flight, with about 10 seconds time to fully recharge.

    Heavy Assault
    The HA had no Heavy Weapons in this build. NO jackhammers, chainguns, etc. He did however have a larger machine gun, I'll assume it as the Heavy Machine gun. As well as a pistol, and a Rocket Launcher.
    The HMG was just like the smg, except much larger clip and longer reload time!
    The Pistol was the pistol
    and the Rocket Launcher was single shot, long reload time.
    The HA also has a shield has his class ability. Hitting F would activate it, and it would mitigate a significant amount of damage. This had a decent recharge time, I was unable to take note of how long.

    The Engineer
    The Engineer I do not know a whole lot about however.
    I know it has:
    An SMG, a Pistol, A repair tool, An ability to lay down Turrets, and in the future mines as well. The Engineer could also spit out ammo for players.

    The MAX
    The Max suits have 2 weapons some sort of machine gun, and a rocket launcher. Their F key allows them to sprint forward and knockback small vehicles and players.

    The Vehicles!
    I had access to a few vehicles. Accessible via either the Ground terminal or the Air Terminals.

    All vehicles were ridiculously fun to drive.

    Ground vehicles

    i could drive an ATV which had no guns, was fast moving, single person, and slid around a bunch.

    The Sunderer, which held a larger number of players, not sure how many off the top of my head. But Not as much as planetside 1 if I recall.

    The Lightning, which I believe actually held 2 players.

    The Prowler, which definitely held at least 2 players and was just a beefy version of the Lightning.

    All vehicles drove about the same. Some faster some slower. You felt like you had quite a killing machine with tanks however.
    vehicles take more damage from the back than anywhere else. all of the other mechanics are roughly the same. The E key allowed you to enter and exit.
    You had no way of selecting which spot in the vehicle you wanted to enter before getting in. There was 1 entry point accessible from all around the vehicle, and from the inside you choose which spot to fit in.

    The Aircraft were much more fun to drive/fly in my opinion.
    I flew the
    Mosquito which fit just myself. it was fast moving,very responsive, and had a standard machine gun mount.

    The Liberator, which was much slower than the Mosquito but fit 3 people, No bomber though, just a rear gunner. However I assume that the bombs will be customizable.

    The Galaxy, which fit (I dont recall how many... :( ) people, and had a few guns on it, 2-4. The galaxy was hard as hell to drive well. It felt massive, like every little move of your mouse or wasd would significantly affect the performance of the Galaxy. This bitch is gonna be hard to master.

    Each vehicle, air and land, has customization JUST like the Weapons do. However much like the weapons, there was nothing for me to alter that I noticed.

    You automatically start in the cockpit, which looks fantastic by the way. and will make dogfights much easier than from the 3rd person view which you access via 'T'. The Cockpit shows your speed, health, ammo, and altitude.

    Random Stuff

    Respawning. You can respawn at any spawn point you control, including your squad mates, however this has about a 5 min cooldown. You drop down in a pod like the ps1 HART, and you can somewhat control where you land. Oh. And if you hit anything on the way down, you kill it.

    Anyone can hack a point, it takes maybe 15 seconds of not moving and holding 'E'.

    When you die, there is no indicator of where you were shot from. However before loading a new character in, you are shown stats of what weapon killed you, the player's name, his faction, a 3d model of both the player and his weapons. If there were multiple players or weapons involved, it showed the highest contributor, followed by a percentage breakdown of the rest.

    Shields take quite a number of seconds out of any combat to begin regeneration.

    Health does not regenerate automatically.

    Hitting the 'Q' key will display on both the map and on your screen any enemy players near your aimer at the time of pressing Q. if you are unsure of whether the enemy is friendly or not, tapping Q will let you know via a name above their head. Red text = bad. Green = squad, blue = good.

    MISC/General Feel

    The Game in general felt great. yes there were bugs, but none of them were outstanding enough to upset me. The gun fights feel extremely intense. There were plenty of Times where I would be fighting in a courtyard and a tank or two would roll in, so I'd take cover. and my friend next to me would tell me hes spawning on me, naturally I tell him to aim for the tanks. As hes dropping down I poke out, lob a grenade over to the tank, and then proceed to watch it do little damage. However this is followed by a drop pod come slamming down straight into the tank causing a fiery explosion. My friend's pod bounced into the air after impact, so he manually ejected (Yes. Manually ejected from the drop pod, you can do at any point) with E and ran over to cover with me.
    If he hadn't ejected manually, the second tank could have fired at his pod, and killed him before he even left it. Or at least, that would have happened, if my second friend didn't slam his drop pod into the tank first.

    This actually lead into one of the best fights of the day. Something that to this moment, has me begging for my beta access.

    On the ground, the 3 of us moved towards Hvar's point D which was a constant hotspot. The entryway to the building opened to a room with a ramp going up the right side of it. VS were flooding down the ramp, while my 2 squad mates and a handful of other TR were attempting to push them back up to where we were able to cap point D. This Fight felt SOOOO much like the nostalgic corridor fights of PS1, except in a more open, less plasma grenade filled environment. I could safely peek around the corner and open fire, maybe kill a guy or two, before I pulled back around to reload and regen my shield. We had TR Max's come back us up as the fight was getting more in the favor of the vs. we allowed 2 maxes to enter first, and then a few of us followed crouched behind the maxes, allowing them to soak the fire. This didn't last long unfortunately, as the VS overpowered and outnumbered our small assault group, and pushed us out of the hallway. Building D was secured by the VS for now.

    Another time, night fight by the way, me and my 2 squadmates were driving a sunderer, We drove this bitch full speed into the courtyard near Hvar point D. Unfortunately, there was a tank to meet us, and our firepower was greatly outmatched. We decided ramming was the best option. Something then happened which was really crazy but awesome at the same time. We hit the tank as it fired, which forced our vehicle onto 2 wheels, shooting off towards a doorway, we all proceeded to bail at the this point, and watched as the sundered hit a bump, took small amount of air, and wedged itself into the wall/doorway and exploded. The remains of the vehicle lay wedged there for quite some time. And just when we thought we saw enough action and were ready to succumb to the Tank, A VS Scythe was spotted in the distance flying straight for us. It got caught by the ever-triumphant TR Fire, proceeded to explode mid-air, and its charred and mangled remains flew straight down at us in the courtyard, landing between us and the tank in what seemed to be a second explosion. Luckily, this diversion allowed me and my squadmates to escape before the tank could navigate around the remains.

    All in all guys. Planetside 2 was filled with extremely fun, memorable, and epic moments. the Firefights we had were not terribly organised because it just wasn't the right scenario, however when they started to organize more (The Hvar D hallway fight) it became very apparent to me that this game will have immense tactical potential.

    Looking past the bugs. The crash or two I experienced, or the odd no animation dead max suits... Planetside 2 was incredibly fun.

    I was not let down.

  • johnflenaly
    Re: Some gameplay info from a player

    He mentions SMGs as far as we were told these were actually "carbine" versions of the main rifle. Splitting hairs here lol.

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  • Vinman13
    Re: Some gameplay info from a player

    This was a great read and it makes me even more excited for beta.

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  • DaViking
    Re: Some gameplay info from a player

    Nice find

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