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Beta this Monday - Some info

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  • [INFO] Beta this Monday - Some info

    So as we all know, Smedley has confirmed the PS2 beta will be live come Monday 2pm PDT.

    People will get in in this order:

    active subs > anytime subbed > priority keys > normal signups

    To be clear, priority keys are ANY key, so PCGamer, Twitter etc, they are ALL priority.

    Now if you are not a current subscriber and want to be, there are two ways of doing this:

    Originally posted by DigitalAssassin
    1. Buy PS1 via Gamefly for $9.99 and get your activation key via your Purchase History under My Collections in the Gamefly client. Click on the box cover and select Quick View and a window will pop up with one of the options being Get Production Activation Keys. Copy the key.
    2. Log in to (create an account if necessary) and subscribe to PS1. Initially it shows $19.99 but there is an option to redeem a code so you don't pay the $5 for the game (although in retrospect maybe that means you can get it for $5 from SOE as opposed to $10 via Gamefly?). Copy in your code and you'll be to the subscription screen and it will tell you $14.99 but when you check out you get the first 30 days free so you will be free until early September.

    According to j_smedley if you do that you get into the beta Monday. I'm cool with dropping $10 to get into the beta on day 1 especially since the game is free to play in the long-run. Honestly, it's almost worth the $10 just getting the chance to get a really early feel for the game and whether or not it's going to fit well with the TG playing style.
    If you DO get into the beta, make sure to read the NDA. It looks like you will NOT be allowed to announce that you are in so keep that in mind, as they have been very quick to ban people who break NDA.

    Expectations of Beta

    I am going to make a point of saying this, as we have a lot of interest from new people to Planetside (I am new too) and I want to ensure they can decipher the truth from the hype. All the features that have been talked about WILL be in the final game come its full on release, but that is not beta. This beta WILL have problems, there WILL be random crashes, there WILL be missing features, certs, command structures. SOE have said that they will introduce new features ASAP in the beta cycle to test, and will throw in the new continents as soon as possible as well. However I just want everyone to have REALISTIC expectations as to what this beta will be. It IS a test, things WILL go wrong, stats WILL be wiped during beta, and I DON'T want to see any threads bitching about it (which incidentally would break NDA). Sure, fire up your opinion once NDA is lifted, but use the official SOE TEST FORUMS for that stuff, and give the game a chance!

    That is all for now!
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